Petition for U.S. Jewish/Muslim solidarity

Petition for U.S. Jewish Solidarity with Muslim and Arab Peoples of the Middle East This statement was drafted by U.S. Jews committed to stopping and holding accountable Israel for its destructive policies and practices--most immediately for a halt to the current attacks on Lebanon and Gaza. We are gathering signatures from Jews committed to this. A shortened version of this statement was published in the New York Times on September 22nd, 2006. Please add your name below as an American Jew of conscience - only if you agree with all 5 points. Please also consider making a contribution below to help us publish the petition in other publications. August 8, 2006 Petition for U.S. Jewish Solidarity with Muslim and Arab Peoples of the Middle East As Jews of conscience living in the United States, we are outraged by the violence being perpetrated in our name both as Jews and as U.S. citizens. We, the undersigned, represent Jews across the United States who are choosing to stand in solidarity with the peoples of Gaza and Lebanon. We are appalled by the blatant self-interest revealed in the U.S.'s leveraging of Israel's actions towards a "New Middle East" agenda, which it has advanced in Afghanistan and Iraq in order to serve an increasingly unilateral economic and political program enforced through military aggression. With Israel as its military proxy, this destructive U.S. foreign policy agenda seeks to establish puppet governments across the Middle East, in a grand effort to ensure continued oil supplies to the West at devastating cost to civilian lives and democracy across the Middle East and beyond. Focusing upon Lebanon, the West Bank, and Gaza as well as Iraq and Afghanistan, this vision for a "New Middle East" has facilitated hundreds of Lebanese and Palestinian civilian deaths, over a third of whom are children, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani deaths. We Jews of conscience know that no justice, no democracy, and no peace can result from such brutality. We call upon Jews everywhere to hold the U.S. government accountable for its 58-year role in facilitating and benefiting from Israel's long-standing, military occupation of Palestine, its repeated acts of collective punishment against both the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples, and its military dominance over Lebanon and other countries in the region. We are outraged, but by no means surprised, by Israel's brutality-and consistent support for it by the U.S. government. We are not surprised because Israel was founded through a process of colonization. It is well documented that Israel's founders knew then that their role in this colonizing process would require an ongoing military strategy to continue to "cleanse" the Palestinian population in the name of a "Jewish" state. They also knew that military dominance of neighboring Arab countries would be necessary in the name of Jewish "self-defense." Israel's current attacks on Gaza and Lebanon are consistent with this history and Israel's founding vision. Over and above its betrayal of Jewish ethical claims to justice, reason, and equity, Israel, the "Jewish" state, has failed to realize its stated goal to provide sanctuary for persecuted Jews. Israel's tactics of fueling hatred and inciting fear, not least where tolerance and co-existence were once longstanding rules, cannot ensure Jewish safety but will endanger the lives of Israeli citizens and residents and of Jews around the globe. There is no Jewish safety in a country that rehearses the violence and persecution which Ashkenazi Jews experienced for centuries through the annihilation of the Palestinian people and their homeland. There is no Jewish safety in alignment with the current Christian fundamentalist attack on Islam, used historically not only to justify persecuting Ashkenazi and Mizrahi Jews but to rain terror upon Arabs and Muslims since the time of the earliest Crusades. There is no Jewish safety in allowing the history of Jewish persecution to be leveraged in support of U.S. political and economic interests as these entail amassing funding for Israel's military industry. Finally, there is no Jewish safety, nor Jewish claims to justice, reason, or equity, beyond Jewish commitment to the unconditional safety and liberation of the peoples of Palestine, Lebanon and the other Arab and Muslim countries currently under assault by Israel, the U.S. and its allies. We, Jews of Conscience, demand that the U.S. government: 1. Require Israel to stop its brutal siege on Gaza and on Lebanon and call for an unconditional cease fire. 2. Require Israel to stop the expansion of the Israeli Wall of Separation, dismantle the completed sections, and completely withdraw from Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem. 3. Support the United Nations resolutions demanding that Israel uphold international law and support the sanctions against Israel necessary to enforce these resolutions. 4. End military and economic aid to Israel. 5. Support reparations for the Palestinian and Lebanese people for the death and destruction they have suffered and for aid towards the rebuilding of their countries. Please sign this petition only if you agree with all 5 points. Name (first last, title/affiliation if applicable) Location (city, state, country if applicable) Email (will not be shown or shared) Comments (Optional. Note: due to the high volume of signatures and responses, we are not able to include all comments on the petition website. We will soon add a discussion forum and other online tools for more participation. Thank you for all your comments and support. show selected comments) This petition comes out of an emerging network of Jews committed to challenging the violence done in our name by the longstanding colonial settlement, ethnic cleansing, and military occupation of Palestine, and the accompanying aggression against Lebanon. Representing Jews worldwide, the International Jewish Solidarity Network (IJSN) stands against the unconditional support that the US has shown Israel and its leveraging of Israeli military domination for its own economic and political agendas. To be clear, your signature on the petition by no means affiliates you with this emerging network. However, we do plan to step up our organizing efforts by developing a more informative and interactive website and by building a broader network of organizational contacts and alliances. If you would like to be kept updated on these efforts and don't mind receiving a minimal number of e-mails from us to that effect, just sit tight and we'll be back in touch with you soon. Thanks again for taking part in this historic effort! More information about the IJSN Sign the petition Petition signers 1. Terri Ginsberg, Ph.D., New York, NY 2. Sara Kershnar, Berkeley, CA, USA 3. Samantha Liapes, San Francisco, CA 4. Ian McLeod, San Francisco, CA 5. Henry Norr, Berkeley, CA 6. Lisa Nessan, Oakland, CA 7. Marcia Greene, Washington, DC 8. Dave Reed, Greensboro, NC 9. Yoram Gelman, Tarrytown, NY 10. Jean Tepperman, Berkeley, CA 11. Deborah Agre, Berkeley, CA 12. Michael Medow, Detroit, MI 13. Elle Flanders, Filmmaker, toronot, ON, Canada 14. Harmony Goldberg, Brooklyn NY 15. Trude Bennett, Durham, North Carolina 16. joan glickman, new rochelle, ny 17. Marcy Newman, Visiting Professor, American University Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon 18. Steve Leeds, San Francisco, CA 19. Mirene Ghossein, new rochelle , ny 20. Annemarie Heineman, Berkeley, CA 21. Peter Rachleff, Professor of History, Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota 22. Reena Katz, Jewish Women's Committee to End the Occupation, Toronto, ON 23. Laura Tillem, Wichita, KS 24. Natasha Marsh, League of Young Voters, Oakland, CA 25. Alissa Wise, Philadelphia, PA 26. Anne Rettenberg, New York City 27. Alisa Klein, Israeli-American Anti-Zionist Activist, Leeds, MA 28. Adam Gold, Oakland, CA 29. Caren Kaplan, Davis, CA 30. Steve Krevisky, CT United for Peace, Middletown, CT, USA 31. Ethel Tobach, New York, New York 32. EE Miller, Holyoke, MA 33. Elise G. Young, PhD, Berkeley, Ca. 34. Jill Shenker, San Francisco, CA 35. Bill Yousman, Ph.D., United States 36. Dan Berger, Philadelphia 37. David Wellman, PhD, Richmond, CA 38. Anna Sanders, Oakland, CA 39. Ruthie Levin, Richmond, CA 40. Afo Fornari, San Francisco, CA 41. Marlena Santoyo, Philadelphia, PA 42. Robin Bleiweiss, San Francisco, CA 43. Rann Bar-On, Durham, NC 44. B. Ruby Rich, San Francisco, Santa Cruz 45. Lisa Unger Baskin, Leeds Massachusetts USA 46. Margot Goldstein, San Francisco, CA 47. Adi Bemak, Amherst, Massachusetts 48. Matthew Jaffe, Royal Oak, Mi 49. Judith Butler, Berkeley, California 50. Elyse Crystall, Durham, NC 51. Marla Erlien, Cambridge, MA 52. Raphael Cohen, Oakland, CA 53. Tema Okun, Durham, NC 54. Mariana Viturro, San Francisco, CA 55. Michael David Sasson, Green Party, Oakland, CA 56. Steve Goldsmith, Torrance, CA 57. Robin Van Tassell, San Rafael, CA 58. Philip Greenspan, Spring Valley, NY 59. Robert Candelaria, San Rafael, CA 60. Hannah Mermelstein, Boston, MA 61. Micah Bazant, Oakland, CA 62. Jack Fertig, San Francisco CA, USA 63. Michael Gast, San Francisco 64. Steve Quester, Brooklyn, NY, USA 65. Arlene Eisen, San Francisco, CA 66. Ella Shohat, NY 67. Jan Bauman, Mill Valley, CA USA 68. Lenore Goldman, Berkeley, CA 69. Nina Huizinga, 4609 Spruce St. 70. Judy Greenspan, Berkeley, California 71. Wendy Koran, Berkeley, CA 72. Ann Castle, Olympia, WA 73. Alexis Stern, New York, NY 74. Dan Burnstein, Boston, MA 75. Hannah Schwarzschild, Philadelphia, PA USA 76. Erno Rosenthal, San Anselmo, Ca 77. Noah Charney, Wendell, MA 78. Wendy Kaufmyn, Berkeley, CA USA 79. William Blum, author, Washington, DC 80. Emmaia Gelman, Cambridge, MA 81. Robin Levine, Leverett, MA, USA 82. Jerry Silberman, Philadelphia, PA 83. carol sanders, berkely CA USA 84. Barbara Bogard, Mill Valley, CA 85. Laurie Fox, Durham, NC 86. Stelle Sheller, Philadelphia, PA 87. Evalyn F. Segal, Philadelphia, PA 88. Mordecai Cohen Ettinger, San Francisco, CA 89. Rachel Pfeffer, Brooklyn, New York 90. Stanley Heller, chairperson MECC, Connecticut 91. Lori Wolf, Philadelphia.PA 92. Drew Silver, Brooklyn, New York 93. Phil Jacobson, Raleigh, NC 94. Cathy Gulkin, Canada 95. Leora Harris, Brooklyn, NY 96. Meredith Exelrod, San Francisco 97. Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz, writer & activist, Elmhurst NY 11373 98. Melissa Favero, Minneapolis, MN 99. Dr. Clint Sharpe, Paris, France 100. Brian Malovany, California 101. Jesse Bachrach, Oakland, CA 102. Lora Gordon, Chicago, IL 103. David Solnit, San Francisco Bay Area 104. Ben Chodoroff, Detroit, MI 105. Karen Platt, Albany, CA 106. Henry Lowi, Toronto, Canada 107. Terry Klein, Yorktown Heights, NY 108. meir gal, nyc, usa 109. Ryvka Bar Zohar, New York 110. k. flo razowsky, minneapolis, mn 111. Miriam Reik, New York, NY 112. Rathmann, Jade 113. Noemi Levine, Berkeley CA 114. Talli Somekh, New York City, NY 115. Yvette Hochberg, Berkeley, CA. 116. Alex Becker, Olympia, WA 117. Bita Shooshani (Iranian Jewish refuge living in US), San Francisco, CA 118. Julie Rufo, Alameda CA USA 119. C.J. Minster, Chicago, IL 120. Sarah Rose Oyfshtand, Minneapolis, MN 121. Josh Belser, Mexico, NY 122. Andrea K. Shapiro, Savannah, GA 123. Louis Hirsch, Chicago,IL 124. lynne kozminsky, toronto 125. Balter, Ruth, Philadelphia, PA 126. Richard Porton, Hoboken, Newe Jersey 127. Noah Lepawsky, Vancouver, BC, Canada 128. Philip Gallo, Coronado, CA 129. Jennifer Lindley, Brooklyn, NY 130. Nima Shirazi, Brooklyn, NY 131. susan nathan, author, tamra, israel 132. Sheila Posen Lindfield, Vancouver, B.C. 133. Alex Rubinsteyn, Skokie, IL 134. Jack Mirkinson, San Francisco 135. Victor Ginsburgh, professor, Brussels, Belgium 136. Aaron Silverman, United States 137. Mara Unterman Rivera, San Francisco, California 138. Emunah Edinburgh, San Francisco, CA 139. Cordova Kaczerginski Liliane, Paris, France 140. Seth Farber, Ph.D., New York 141. Haim Bresheeth, Prof., London, UK 142. Stephen Deutsch, Prof, Bournemouth, UK 143. eleanor roffman, jewish women for justice in israel/palestine, boston, ma. 144. Ryn Gluckman, Easthampton, MA 145. Michael Palm, NYU, Brooklyn, NY 146. Uri Fruchtmann, UK 147. Alisa Lebow, NY/Bristol/Istanbul 148. Jeffrey Sacks, New York, NY 149. Tina Bernstein-Camins, Lexington, MA 150. Nancy Palm, Bloomington, IN 151. Catherine Bell, Boston, MA 152. Tali Averbuch, Cambridge, MA 153. Terry Weber, New York,NY 154. Gabriel Alkon, Brooklyn, NY 155. Howard Lenow (Jewish Voice for Peace Boston), Wayland, MA 156. Joel Beinin, Portland, OR/ Cairo, Egypt 157. Naomi Schiller, New York, NY 158. Martha Katz, Youngstown, Ohio 159. mk Davis, Minneapolis, MN 160. Evan Siegel, NY 161. Aida Parker, New York, NY 162. Robin Mendelwager, New York, NY 163. Mimi Sheller, Visiting Professor, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA 164. melissa levin, Toronto, ON, Canada 165. Karen Redleaf, St. Paul, MN 166. Ellen Cantarow, Ph.D., Medford, MA 167. Bob Winston, Amherst, MA 168. ilana weaver, Detroit, Mi 169. Mitzi Reinsilber, Toronto, ON, Canada 170. Danielle Feris, NYC 171. Shira Robinson., Iowa CIty, IA 172. Dan Schimmel, Philadelphia PA, USA 173. Shulamith Koenig, New York 174. Daniel Scholnick, Philadelphia, PA 175. Jeff Peress, Glen Cove,NewYork, Ramat Gan 176. Terry Brown, Boston, MA 177. Dana Kaplan, New Orleans, LA 178. Amie Fishman, San Francisco, CA 179. Greg Behar, New York, NY 180. Brittany Behar, Philadelphia PA/Charlottesville VA 181. Adam Horowitz, Philadelphia, PA 182. kristy gesch, san francisco,ca 183. M. Sollins, New York 184. Jennifer Loewenstein, Madison, Wisconsin 185. Dorothy Naor, PhD, Herzliah, Israel and Oakland, Calif. 186. Peter Likins, St. Petersburg, FL, United Police States of America 187. Jungmann Ann, London, U.K. 188. Kali Tal, Tucson, Arizona 189. andrew adler, new york 190. Mitchel Cohen, Brooklyn Greens / Green Party, Brooklyn, NY 191. Laura Whitehorn, New York, NY 192. Karen Shain, Berkeley, CA 193. Andalusia Knoll, Pittsburgh, PA 194. Raphi Rechitsky, Minneapolis, MN 195. Sarah Lanzman, Afton, VA 22920 196. Debra Hirshberg, Cleveland Ohio 197. Davood&Shoreh Shalom, New, NY 198. Jody Sokolower, Berkeley, CA 199. Meredith Fenton, San Francisco, CA 200. Bruce Hirsch MD, Port Washington, NY 201. Henry Noble, Freedom Socialist Party National Office, Seattle, WA 202. Tsela Barr, Madison, WI 203. Nava EtShalom, Philadelphia, PA 204. Jonathon Hageali, Toledo, Ohio 205. Tiphani Hageali, Quakertown, Pa. 206. Robert Lipton, Berkeley, CA 207. Edward Oltman, PhD, Madison, WI 208. Janet Nilane, USA 209. Rachel Mayeri, Los Angeles, CA 210. Judy Siff, San Francisco, CA 211. Naomi Braine, New York City 212. Eve Chinitz Bach, Berkeley, CA 213. Debra HIrshberg, Cleveland Ohio 214. lecce Carmela, italia 215. joerg grunert, germany 216. Alison Glick, Philadelphia, PA 217. S.A. Bachman, Boston, MA, USA 218. Yonah EtShalom, Philadelphia, PA USA 219. Deborah Gerson Ph.D., san Francisco,California 220. Hanna Braun, London; UK 221. timothy colman, philadelphia pa usa 222. Roni Natov, New York City 223. cynthia Franklin, honolulu, HI, USA 224. Gary Michael Tartakov, Alliance for Global Justice, Ames, Iowa 225. Dr. Irit Katriel, Providence, RI 226. Fran Shor, Royal Oak, Michigan 227. Rich Feldman, Huntington Woods, MI 228. Bacon, Terryl, Bristol, United Kingdom 229. Marea Wexler, Northampton MA 230. Miriam Asnes, Nazareth/Boston 231. Alexei Folger, San Francisco, CA 232. Jane Grieble, Brandon, FL 233. Karen Bermann, Ames, Iowa 234. Melanie Jacobs, CO, USA 235. Lynne Kavin, Chicago 236. Loshitzky Yosefa, Prof., London, UK 237. Jane Courant, Oakland, CA 238. Jane Caplan, Oxford UK & Bryn Mawr PA 239. Howard Machtigner, Durham, nC 240. Abe Hayeem,, London , UK 241. Marjorie Dove Kent, Boston, MA, USA 242. Claire Solomon, Ann Arbor, MI 243. Naomi Schneider, Berkeley, CA 244. Sherry Millner, New York City, NY 245. Katie Unger, Brooklyn, NY 246. Abby Bell, San Francisco CA, USA 247. Rachel Brill, San Francisco, CA 248. peppino naccarato; teacher, toronto, canada 249. Sarah Eisenstein, Brooklyn, NY 250. Mindy Greenspan, Maplewood, N.J. 251. Lawrence Zweig, Fuerth, Germany 252. Dorrie Slutsker, Oakland, CA 253. Jacob Rosenblum, Olympia, WA 254. Amy Edelman, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 USA 255. Feinberg Michael, NY NY 256. Rebeccah Kessel, Detroit, MI 257. Roger Lippman, Seattle, WA USA 258. Sydney Metrick, El Sobrante, CA 259. Levidow, Les, Springfield, NJ 260. Steve Kowit, San Diego, California 261. Diane Perlman, PhD, Washington, DC 262. Julie Galant, New York, NY 263. Kay Oppenheimer, Strafford, New Hampshire 264. Jay Schaffner, New York, NY 265. Judith A. Fieldstone, Chevy Chase, Maryland 266. Maya A. Beasley, Ph.D., New Haven, Connecticut 267. Paula Abrams-Hourani, Nashville, Tennessee 268. Max Sussman, Ann Arbor, Michigan 269. Roshan Iqbal, Cambridge, UK 270. Tova Klein, San Francisco, CA 271. Daniel Boyarin, Berkeley, Ca 272. D. Gold, Oakland CA 273. A. MIKO PELED, SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, USA 274. Elsa Johnson, Berkeley, California 275. Larry Gross, Los Angeles, CA 276. Eli JF (Clenched Fist Productions), BROOKLYN, NY 277. Anita Barrows, PhD, Berkeley, California 278. Jonah Gaster, Chicago, IL 279. Ken Schubert, Maryville, TN 280. Miriam Adams, Albuquerque NM 281. Howie Moscowitz, NY 282. Donna Wallach, San Jose, CA United States of North Amerikkka 283. Arla S. Ertz, San Francisco, CA 284. Pierre Stambul, Marseille (France) 285. Michael Dahan, PhD, NYC/Jerusalem 286. Nahed, Jerusalem,Palestine 287. Hajo G. Meyer, PhD, Heiloo, Netherlands 288. Harry Feldman, PhD, Islamabad, Pakistan 289. Meyer Jean Claude, Strasbourg, France 290. Aubrey Ludwig, Philadelphia, PA 291. Cynthia Madansky, NYC 292. Saul Slapikoff, Cambridge, MA 293. Mark Cramer, writer, U.S. citizen, Paris, France 294. Deb Reich, writer, New York / Calif. / Karkur, Isr/Pal 295. Garth Edwards, artist, architect, Philadelphia, Pa. 296. Gail Miller, Woodstock, NY 297. theodore kazanoff, brookline, ma 298. Lois E. Jordan, Straughn, Indiana U.S.A. 299. Victoria, Arshad 300. Michael Alexander, Boston, MA 301. Catherine W. von Saldern, New York, NY 302. Dorothy M. Zellner, New York, NY 303. Donna Volatile, Truchas, NM, USA 304. ira schwartz, cleveland, oh 305. samantha kostmayer, new york, new york 306. Terry Greiss, Actor/Exec. Director, Irondale Ensem, Brooklyn, New York 307. Lawrence Davidson, west chester PA 308. Shirley Brown, Philadelphia, PA 309. Deborah Gould, Pittsburgh, PA 310. Ken Hark, Florence OR 311. Theodore Pearson, Chicago IL 312. David Grinstein, Waltham, MA 313. R Worrell, Chicago, IL 314. Susan Miller, Philadelphia, PA 315. Doris Soroko, Barrytown, New York 316. Shirley Enderton, Huachuca City, AZ 317. Melaine W. Stephens, Chicago, IL 318. Bernice (Batya) Hecker, Austin, TX 319. Rudolf BKOUCHE, Lille, France 320. Frances Reid, Newport, OR 321. Andrew G. Silver, Cary, NC 322. Neal Resnikoff, Chicago, IL 323. Rachel Stolzman, Brooklyn, NY 324. David Bensman, Professor, South Orange, New Jersey 325. Marilyn Frankenstein, Cambridge, MA 326. Janet Ertz, Schenectady, NY 327. Michael Yellin, New Rochelle, NY 328. Alta Schwartz, USA 329. Dr. Patsy Boni, San Diego, California 330. Maria Kanaan, Chicago, IL 331. Rose Glickman, Berkeley, CA 332. D Horowitz, NYC 333. Joel Biazzo, Cortlandt Manor, New york, 334. Bill Roberts, Redwood City, CA 335. Elena Balashova, Berkeley, California 336. Prof. Bertell Ollman, NYU, New York, N.Y. 337. Darlene Wallach, San Jose, CA, United States of North Amerikkka 338. Jessica Lawrence, Oakland, California 339. sue goldstein - jewish women's committee to end, toronto, on. and port jefferson, n.y. 340. Lauren Langman, Chicago, IL 341. John Katz, Soquel, California 342. Karen Bermann, Ames, Iowa 343. Nina Dibner, Brooklyn, NY 344. Ruth Fallenbaum, Oakland, CA 345. Orit Weksler, Albany CA 346. Tim Reiss, Professor, New York University, Tucson, AZ 347. Dina Redman, San Francisco, CA 348. Jonathan Weinstein, University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi 349. Aja Beasley, Silver Spring, MD 350. Laneen Niser, Youngstown Ohio 351. Joan Levnson, Berkeley CA 352. Susan Landau, Philadelphia, PA 353. Daniel Hoffman-Schwartz, NYU, Brooklyn, NY 354. Lorie Brillinger, CNM, Berkeley, CA, USA 355. Dr. Mardge Cohen, Chicago, IL 356. gaby forrell, london, england 357. arnold krupat, professor, hastings, ny 358. Valerie Eisman, Oakland 359. ALLAN KOLSKI HORWITZ, JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA 360. Jennifer Kaplan, NYU, Brooklyn, NY 361. Leslie Simon, San Francisco, CA 362. Adrienne Weller, Seattle, WA 363. Lucy Rosenblatt, West Hartford, CT 364. Nora Lester Murad, PhD, Jerusalem and Massachusetts, USA 365. Leigh Klonsky, Brooklyn, New York 366. Wendy Brown, Berkeley, CA 367. Yael Korin, Culver City, California 368. Diane Laison, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 369. Henry, Herskovitz 370. Gary Laison, St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 371. judith weisman, toronto, ontario 372. Yaakov Sullivan, New York, NY, USA 373. Barry Weiss, Los Angeles, CA 374. Harriet Malinowitz, Kingston, NY, USA 375. Tamar Szeps-Znaider, Washington, DC 376. Allegra Straus, New York, NY 377. James Rosen, Los Angeles,California 378. Deborah Rosenfelt, University Park, MD 379. Robert Kanter, Emeryville,CA 380. Ira Churgin, Chicago IL 381. James Cohen University of Paris VIII, Paris, France 382. Hilton Obenzinger, Stanford, CA 383. Allan Fisher, San Francisco, CA 384. Grace Starr, NYU, Queens, NY 385. Rubenberg, Cheryl A., Florida 386. Estelle Jelinek, Berkeley, CA, USA 387. Jaap Hamburger, Amsterdam Holland 388. Dave Silver Coalition to Free the Angola3, New York City 389. Sarah Michaels, Ph.D., Lexington, MA 390. John V Burke, San Francisco CA 391. Jack Block, El Cerrito, CA 392. Kate McCabe, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA 393. Rebecca Tumposky, Oakland, CA 394. Muriel Cohan, Lawrence, Kansas 395. Deborah Schwartz, Boston, MA 396. Nader Niser, youngstown,ohio 397. Irene Siegel, Berkeley, CA 398. Erica Weinstein, Brooklyn, NY 399. Jay Levy, Nuclear Free Takoma Park, Maryland 400. scott miller berry, toronto, canada 401. Israr Malik, chicago,IL,USA 402. Joan Levitt/ Teacher, St. Michael, AZ 86511 403. phyllis sickerman, Port Washington, NY 404. Primrose Tishman, Ph.D., Washington, D.C. 405. Douglas D. Noble, Rochester, New York 406. Jeff Stein, Chicago, IL 407. Anatole Anton, San Francisco, CA 408. Libbey Goldberg, Oakland, CA 409. Eric Romann, Oakland, CA 410. colleen gagnon, courtenay bc canada 411. Eric Schiller, Moss Beach, California 412. Mark Klein, Toronto, Canada 413. rachel mattson, brooklyn, new york 414. Sandra Oriel, Santa Fe, NM 415. Jean Friedman-Rudovsky, Philadelphia, PA 416. Roshni Rustomji-Kerns, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 417. Robert C. Rosen, East Orange, New Jersey, USA 418. Cindy Shamban, Berkeley, CA 419. RICK CHERTOFF, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 420. Amelia Prather-Nahman, Oakland, CA 421. Rath Radelman, An olive on the Seder Plate, Philadelphia,PA 422. ann colonese, shelton, ct 423. Elizabeth Detwiler, Washington, DC 424. Judith Berlowitz, Oakland, CA 425. Judith Kolokoff, Seattle Washington 426. Gertrude Stein, New York, NY 427. Rhoda Slanger, Berkeley CA 428. Philip Stein, New York, NY 429. Judith Stone, Bethesda, MD 430. Amy Rakley, El Cerrito, CA 431. Nancy Halpern, Los Angeles 432. Sherna Berger Gluck, Topanga, California 433. Naomi Jaffe, Glen Wild, NY 434. Sari Bilick, Berkeley, CA 435. Jerry Robbins, Newport, OR 436. Rita Karuna Cahn, LCSW, San Francisco, CA 437. Tessa Strauss, Oakland, CA, USA 438. Ruth Frankenberg, San Jose, California 439. Mark Solomon, West Newton, MA 440. Romola Sanyal, Berkeley, CA 441. Kate Sinclair Palestine Human Rights Campaign, Auckland New Zealand 442. Clive Sinclair Palestine Human Rights Campaign, Auckland New Zealand 443. Walter Muller Palestine Human Rights Campaign, Auckland New Zealand 444. Cy & Lois Swartz - Grandarents(Bubuubes & Zaydes), Philadelphia Pa 445. Erica Weitzman, Brooklyn, NY 446. Ora Wise, Brooklyn, NY 447. Batya Sobel, Brooklyn, NY 448. Michael Cohen, Southfield, MI 449. Dzafer Kulenovic, Niles, IL 60714 450. Bernadine Mellis, Philadelphia PA 451. Erica Marcus, Oakland 452. David Mertz, Ph.D., Turners Falls MA 01376 (USA) 453. Robin Semer, Chicago, Illinois 454. Harry Targ, West Lafayette, Indiana 455. Allison Brown, Queens, NY 456. lorrie beth slonsky, san francisco, ca 94110 457. Rubina Malik, Skokie, IL 458. Devora Neumark, Montreal, Quebec 459. Marion B. Brady, San Anselmo, CA 460. sara seinberg, san francisco, ca 461. Polish, Mendal Diana, Philadelphia, PA 462. Eileen Hansen, San Francisco, CA 463. Joshua Beth, Oakland, CA 464. Arwa Sara Halpern Ibrahim, Los Angeles, CA 465. Eric Smoodin, Davis, CA 466. Karen Knoller, San Francisco, CA 467. Lynn Meyer Brown, Houston, Texas USA 468. samuael topiary, new york, NY USA 469. Ceanna Stephens, Oakland, CA 470. Jeffrey Blankfort, Ukiah, CA 471. Jeffrey Skoller, Berkeley, CA 472. Annie Zirin, International Socialist Organization, Northampton, Massachusetts 473. Mo Shooer, Jewish Voice for Peace, SF, California 474. Eitan Sussman, Tel Aviv, Israel 475. Jeffrey Juris, Phoenix, AZ 476. Jason Yanowitz, Northampton, MA 477. Carole LaFlamme, Women in Black-Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 478. Leah Hart-Landsberg, Oakland, CA 479. Rose Hart-Landsberg, Portland, OR 480. Akira Mizuta Lippit, Los Angeles, CA 481. Sue Murray, Nixa., MO USA 482. Benjamin Landau-Beispiel, Philadelphia, PA 483. Sarah Schulman, New York City 484. Rachel Odes, Oakland, CA 485. Mark Kaswan, Los Angeles, CA 486. Karen Pomer, Los Angeles , CA 487. Gary Lapon, Northampton, MA 488. Sharon Senser, San Francisco, CA 489. John P. Jones, Venice, CA 490. herman, edward, Philadelphia, PA, USA 491. Ehud Appel, Berkeley, CA 492. Martin Hart-Landsberg, Portland, OR 493. Dara Silverman, Brooklyn, NY 494. eliza Schrader, MInneapolis, MN 495. Tony Clark, Los Angeles, CA 496. Paul Desfor, Berkeley, CA 497. Izzy Klatzker, Liberty, TN 498. Arjuna Greist, Northampton, MA 499. Barbara Ellis, San Francisco, CA 500. ilise cohen, san francisco, ca 501. Daniel Rice, San Francisco, CA 502. Lynn Levey, San Francisco 503. Jeffrey Schlesinger, Glendale, AZ 504. Harris Kornstein, Albany, NY 505. Janice Rothstein, San Francisco, CA 506. Nick Zarach, Buffalo 507. Susan K. Stein, Arcata, CA 508. Matthew Korn, International Socialist Organization, Austin, TX 509. Emily Katz Kishawi, San Francisco, CA 510. annie borgenicht, hunter NY 511. Sydney Gurewitz Clemens, San Francisco, CA 512. robert, soloff 513. MaxZine Weinstein, Dowelltown, TN 514. Karsten Struhl, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York City, NY 515. Mattilda, a.k.a. Matt Bernstein Sycamore, San Francisco, California 516. Jen Marlowe, Seattle, WA USA 517. Eleanor Wesley, Elverta, CA 518. Allen Ruff, Madison, WI 519. Pearl Volkov, Dundas, Ontario, Canada 520. Mark C. Weinberg, (Open U. of Left), Chicago, IL 521. Annie Stauber, New York 522. David H Slavin, PhD., Atlanta Georgia 523. tarak Kauff, woodstock, NY USA 524. Linda Roman, oakland, ca 525. Barbara Armstrong, Burleson, TX 526. Elizabeth Samuels, Oakland, CA 527. Deborah Rosenstein, Saint Paul, MN 528. Michael Wallin, San Francisco, CA 529. Howard Dickler, Ph.D., Los Angeles, CA 530. Dena Barbara, Queens, New York 531. Sherry Wolf, Chicago, IL 532. Robert Cohen, Bandon, Oregon 533. Sukey Tamarkin, Librarian, Brooklyn, NY 534. Lisa Schlesinger, Playwright, Iowa City, IA 535. Marcy J. Gordon, New York, New York 536. Rich Siegel, Musician, Teaneck, NJ 537. James Traub, New York, NY 538. Judy Andreas essayist, Suffern, NY 539. Anne Herzon Craig, Asheville, North Carolina 540. Ronald Cohen, Gary, Indiana 541. Dr. Philip Goldstein, Newark, DE 19711 542. Jessica Klonsky, Brooklyn, NY 543. Naomi Burns, New York, NY 544. Louise B. Popkin, translator, Arlington, MA 545. Richard Halpern, New York, NY 546. John Stachel, Center for Einstein Studies, Boston, MA 547. Betsy Lawrence, Madison, WI 548. Lisa Albrecht, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 549. judy west, new york n.y. 550. Ada Abel, Detroit, MI 551. Arlyne Goodwin, Naples, Florida, USA 552. Dr. Ann J. Lane. Professor of History, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, 2603 Jefferson Park Circle, Charlottesville, VA 22903, US 553. Prof. Renate Bridenthal, New York City< NY 554. Alfred L. Marder, President, US Peace Council, New Haven, Connecticut, USA 555. Robin Kallman, San Francisco, CA 556. Marc Rosenthal RN, Madison Wisconsin 557. Michael Locker, New York, NY 558. robert bloom, oakland ca 559. Adi Afek, Tucson, AZ 560. Daniel Czitrom, Historian, South Hadley MA 561. thea, nyc 562. 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Abraham Weizfeld JPLO, Montr�al Kebek 615. yehoshua rosin. agronomist (retired), rechovot, israel 616. kenneth boas, pittsburgh, pa 617. Yioryos Moschovakis, Heraklion, Greece 618. R. Perlstein, Dowelltown TN 619. lila braine, new york 620. Allan Siegel, Budapest 621. Lisa Rofel, San Francisco, CA 622. Charles Post, Brooklyn, NY 623. Jeffrey Segal, Esq., Louisville, Ky. 624. Agatha Hinman, Oakland, CA 625. Nomy Lamm, writer/performer, Olympia, WA 626. Robert Kraftowitz, Pittsburgh, PA 627. Phyllis Willett, Berkeley, CA 628. Rebecca Cherkoss, Los Angeles 629. Robert Roth, MD, Kingston, NY 630. Amie Dowling, SF, California 631. Barbara Sternfeld, PhD, Kensington, CA 632. Gail Hershatter, Santa Cruz, CA 633. eliot helman, san francisco, CA 634. Naomi Smith, New York, NY 635. Harris Freeman, Northampton, MA 636. Blum, Richard, Brooklyn, NY 637. Jacob Levich, Jackson Heights, NY 638. Goldblatt, Cullen, Brooklyn, NY 639. Laura Ginsburg, Washington, DC 640. Maddy Oden, Oakland, CA 641. 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Bob Lander, Klamath Falls, Or, US 1093. jean-pierre sarkis, athens, greece 1094. W. Douglas Uhl, Bellingham , Washington 1095. Susan Verry, Bellingham , Washington 1096. Joseph Nahas, Paris France 1097. jodie goldstein, australia 1098. Louise Baskin, San Juan Islands, Washington State 1099. Gerard Rozeck, Basle Switzerland 1100. Lo Auer, Columbia, MO 1101. Alioune Gueye, NY, NY 1102. David W. Deitch, New York City 1103. David Yennior, MA, Belleville, NJ, USA 1104. rebecca elswit, los angeles, ca 1105. Sharom Adams, Gillbert AZ 1106. Angela Eslava, USA 1107. Paul Wortman, PhD, East Setauket, NY 1108. Margot Salom, Brisbane Qld Australia 1109. David Sailon (Retired violinist), Henderson, NV. 1110. Dan Rosenfeld, Miami,Florida 1111. Pat Salomon, MD, Rockville, MD, USA 1112. Eric Gandara, Albuquerque, New Mexico USA 1113. dinu feldman, ashkelon,israel 1114. Walker Alejandra J.D. Jurisprudence Doctor, Olympia WA 1115. Ally Walker, student, Washington, U.S. 1116. Matty Groves, PhD, America 1117. Julie Gabe, Aurora, CO; USA 1118. Carinne Silverman, Detroit, MI 1119. Willinger, Corinne, New York, NY 1120. Fred Delman, cranston, ma 1121. Suzanne Kalbach, Community College of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa. 1122. Abby Biberman, Brooklyn, NY 1123. lucy berman, Sun Lakes, Az. U.S.A. 1124. Aaron Fleishman, Tacoma, WA, USA 1125. John Sigler, Denver, CO 1126. Susan Starkman, Jewish Women's Committee to End t, Toronto 1127. Tom CHERNIAK, ROYAL OAK,MI,US 1128. eileen fleming, clermont, fl. 34711 1129. Lombard Marie, Paris, France 1130. Larry Gross, Los Angeles 1131. julia majlin, buenos aires-argentina 1132. Judith Karpova, Kerhonkson, NY, USA 1133. Samiha Mishalani, Washington D.C. 1134. Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies, Washington DC 1135. Dr. Sam Semoff, Liverool, England 1136. colin farrell, liverpool 1137. Reza Pishgahi, Bloomington, IN 1138. Batvin Kramer, Columbus, Ohio 1139. Ayala Wineman, Somerville, MA 1140. Emily Friedberg, Muskegon, MI USA 1141. Jesse Bacon, Chicago, IL 1142. Ben Sadoun, Montr�al 1143. Freda Guttman, International Solidarity Movement-, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1144. Raya Fidel, Seattle, WA 1145. Aaron Lakoff, Montreal, Quebec 1146. Horacio Platner, North bridge, LA 1147. Norton Mezvinsky, New Britain, CT 1148. Neal Resnikoff, Chicago, IL 1149. Erickson, Mr. Manuel, Mill Bay, BC, Canada 1150. pauline e. russell, santa monica, CA Contact us To contact the organizers of the petition, email Donate Thank you for your donations. We successfully placed an ad in the New York Times on Friday morning, September 22. Please click this button PayPal to donate towards publication of this statement

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End Date: 2006-12-04 19:00:00-05

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