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«Sunday January 17, 2010»
Start: 18:30
End: 08:00

Photo Exhibition: Defending Hope In Gaza (11th - 22nd Jan)

Runs from 11th to 22nd Jan

(Posted on behalf of Front Line Defenders)

Front Line would like to invite you to attend the opening of “Defending Hope in Gaza”, a photographic exhibition which shows how the people of Gaza are bravely struggling to survive, while the work of human rights defenders is restricted by limitations on freedom of movement.


Start: 12:15
End: 23:52

hi all,
as you probably know by now tomorrow, sat 16th Jan is national "Boycott Israel" day.

The SWP are holding a stall somewhere on Shop Street from 12.15- 12.45 and will have  fliers calling for a boycott of Israeli goods.
If you would like to help out distributing fliers/ holding placard please turn up to the stall.

If you would rather hand out  fliers in another location e.g.  Dunnes, you can contact Maggie to collect some fliers off her 086 3366525 if you need some.

Boycott Israel to Free Gaza!

in solidarity

Start: 13:00
End: 23:56

Amnesty International Galway are having a Guantanamo Bay event  sat 16/1

It is going to be as follows:

Guantanamo Bay Street Theatre:
Shop Street at 1pm, Sat 16th January.

2 Army officers will be marching 3 Guantanamo Bay detainees. They will stop and make the detainees kneel down.
Then 4 Amnesty activists will be coming and scare away the army officers holding large signs with messages such as: "Stop Rendition", "Close Guantanamo".

If the weather permits it, it will start in Eyre Square and will repeat down Shop Street.

 Amnesty volunteers will be getting the public to sign petitions calling on the Government to advocate among our European neighbours to accept detainees for resettlement to ensure the closure of Guantanamo Bay
Detention Centre; and calling on the Government to follow up their "commendable work" (? my question mark) on resettlement by closing all loop-holes in domestic legislation that has allowed renditions to be facilitated through Ireland..

If you need more information on this event please contact Marie-Anne, of Galway AI on 086 792 40 95.

dette, galway

Start: 23:59
End: 00:17


Have you submitted your question to Tony Blair for the People's Dossier, which Stop the War will be presenting to the Iraq Inquiry?

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