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«February 03, 2010 - March 05, 2010»
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Start: 20:00

Press Release

The Galway Alliance Against War will hold its annual general meeting on
Wednesday 3rd February at 8pm upstairs in Richardson’s of Eyre Square

Last year was a very busy and wide-ranging one for the local peace group.
Not only did its members play a major role in mobilising humanitarian help
for the Palestinians of Gaza last February, but they were to the fore in the
Galway No 2 Lisbon Campaign back in September.

In between GAAW has continued to articulate its principled opposition to warplanes participating in air shows over Galway.  Readers will recall that GAAW organised one of its “99 Red Balloon Peace Events” to express its disagreement with the RAF’s Red Arrows air display in June.

On New Year’s Day GAAW kicked off the new decade with a New Year’s Peace Party which included a telephone link-up with “the bravest woman in
Afghanistan”, Malalai Joya, an Afghani MP, who opposes not only foreign
occupation of her country and the fundamentalist Afghani government but also their opponents, the Taliban.

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Start: 19:00

Moazzam Begg will give us his personal story of torture and detention as well as his life as an activist that he has embarked on since his release.


  • Moazzam Begg - Former Guantanamo Detainee.
  • Zachary Katznelson - Reprieve.
  • Sophie Weller - The Centre for Constitutional Rights.
  • Colm O'Gorman - Amnesty International Irish Section.

Venue: Irish Aid Centre on O'Connell Street Dublin 1.

Date & Time: Monday 8th February 2010 7pm

Note: Reprieve and CCR are the two organisations who have organised legal representation for the men in Guantanamo.

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Start: 09:30
End: 15:30


  • What has happened?
  • How do we ensure it never happens again?
  • How effective are truth recoveries?
  • How do you recover the past to create a better future?

On the 11 February Hanna’s House is hosting the fourth in its series of seminars on ‘A feminist analysis of peace building’.   This seminar is focused on Truth Recovery and will explore gendered experiences of war and abuse and examine the significance or limitations, of truth recovery processes, for enabling the acknowledgment of women’s experiences of war and violence; bringing justice for violations and the potential for transformation.

Format of the day:
The seminar will consist of two panels, the morning panel is on ‘Truth Recovery and the Irish Conflict’ and the afternoon panel is on ‘Truth Recovery and Institutional Abuse’.  The speakers will include:

Dawn Purvis, Leader of the Progressive Unionist Party and Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) Northern Ireland Assembly;

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Start: 14:00
Date:   Sunday 14th February Venue:  At roundabout before airport entrance.
Time:   14:00 -15:00 Organiser:  Shannonwatch
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Start: 14:00
End: 17:00

Gresham Hotel, O’Connell Street, Dublin 1, Sat 20 Feb, 14:00

Poster Can Palestinians & Israelies Live In One State

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Start: 17:00
End: 18:00

Date(s): 25 Feb 2010

Time(s): 5.00PM

Area: Dublin

Venue: Israeli Embassy
On 25 February 2010 activists and organizations from around the world will join together in solidarity with the Palestinian residents of Hebron/ al Khaleel, through local protests that demand for the opening of Shuhada Street to Palestinians and an End to the Occupation!

In Dublin there will be a protest and petition signing at the Israeli Embassy, 122 Pembroke Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 on Thursday 25th February 2010. from 5 to 6pm. This action is organised by Labour Youth. For more info please contact Neil on

Start: 18:00
End: 19:00

Haiti Solidarity Ireland invite you to join them in calling for the removal of American and other international occupation troops from Haiti with a picket of the American embassy in Dublin on February 25 from 6-7pm.

The protest will also call for the right of ordinary Haitians to control the reconstruction of their country, against the interventions of imperial powers and the brutal repression of a colluding domestic political and business elite.

The picket is part of an international day of action which will see solidarity actions take place in over a hundred cities around the world. It has been called by a coalition of Haitian grassroots organisations and trade unions, including Fanmi Lavalas, the country’s most popular political
party, which has been illegalised and persecuted by the Haitian government.


Haiti Solidarity Ireland is a coalition to support Haitians in their struggle against foreign intervention and for an inclusive, democratic and equitable Haiti. We are organised on the principles of international solidarity and anti-imperialism and have branches in Cork and Dublin.

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Start: 13:00
End: 15:00

To kick off Israeli Apartheid Week the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign is asking shoppers not to buy Israeli goods in solidarity with the people of Palestine who are still being starved by the Israeli government.

 Boycott Israeli Goods
Boycott Israeli Goods

We will assemble for a short rally @ 1pm at the Spire on O'Connell St, Dublin 1. From there, we will go to various shops around the city centre, where we will stage protests to encourage shoppers to boycott Israeli products.

Related Link:


Start: 13:00
End: 15:00

To kick off Israel Apartheid Week, the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign is asking shoppers not to buy Israeli goods in solidarity with the people of Gaza who are still being starved by the Israeli government.

  Boycott Israeli Goods
Boycott Israeli Goods


We will assemble for a short rally @ 1pm in Daunt Square (junction of Patrick Street and Grand Parade) in Cork. From there, we will march to various stores around the city centre, where we will stage protests to encourage shoppers to boycott Israeli products.

Related Link:

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Start: 20:00

Tuesday March 2nd 2010 8.00pm Forster Court Hotel, Forster St. Galway.

The fight by Irish anti-war activists against the arms trade and Ireland's involvement in the war machine.

"Not in Our Name"

Documentary Screening address by Goretti Horgan of Women Against Raytheon.

In 2006 Derry anti-war activists occupied the Raytheon Arms Manufacturing company in Derry city as a protest against its supplying parts to the Israeli Defence Forces. At the time the Israelis were involved in a full-scale bombing of Lebanon which flattened the country and killed over one and half thousand people.

The protestors, known as the "Raytheon 9", were brought to trial by the company.

Against all the odds, the court actually admitted that the Raytheon company was aiding and abetting war crimes. The protesters were acquitted and in January this year the company decided to pull out of Derry, showing just how effective targeted protests can be.

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Start: 19:30
End: 21:00


 Friday March 5th 2010 

7.30 Wynns Hotel, Lr Abbey St


The use of Irish passports by an Israeli hit squad that killed a Hamas leader in Dubai is the latest incident in what has become Ireland’s dirty war.

Start: 21:00

Galway Alliance Against War (GAAW) does not believe the conflict in Afghanistan is a "good war".

GAAW will hold a fundraiser for progressive women groups in Afghanistan Woodquay's Rowing Club, Galway City Friday 5th March 9pm.  Admission to ceili/disco. contact

Last month Malalai Joya, a female Afghani MP, addressed a Galway audience by phone from the Afghan capitol and stated that although the US asserted to have occupied her country under the banner of women's rights and democracy this was untrue: "In fact they replaced the medieval regime of the Taliban with a brutal regime of the fundamentalist warlords of the Northern Alliance, who are as criminal, ignorant, anti-women and anti-democracy as the Taliban." Ms Joya and her colleagues risk life and limb on a daily basis to offer young girls an education. It has to be done in secret, as the ruling warlords, like the Taliban, oppose schools for girls.

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