The Irish Anti-war Movement (IAWM) issued a statement today denouncing the violent threats against Muslims in Ireland that are contained in an anonymous letter posted to schools and mosques declaring war against them.

The statement noted that the letter is full of hatred and threats beyond comprehension. It was posted but it is not signed and the sender or senders are unknown. All Muslim's mosques and Muslim schools in Ireland have received threatening letters such as the one attached. Some Muslim girls have reported that they got similar letters referring to their Hijabs, that came through their letterboxes at their homes.

The mosques have reported this issue to the Garda.

The language contained in the letter is intimidating and extremely violent. It also makes a specific reference to the planned construction of a mosque in North Dublin.

See attached pdf for the full letter, which contains the following statement:

“Your very presence in our country is destroying our heritage and culture and we are calling on our countries’ people to attack any Muslim they come across in shops, taxis or mosques or any other place they come across them. Anyone seen wearing a veil or hijaab will be severely delt with (sic).”

The letter also states “we will attack any Muslim man, women and child that enters any mosque in Ireland and especially if the new larger mosque is build (sic) in North Dublin. And our children will attack yours in schools...”

The IAWM statement further noted that:

“It is evident from the letter that the mosque planned to be build in Clongriffin, near the Priory Hall site in North Dublin, is likely one of the excuses for this extremely racist reaction. There are people and some organisations that have been campaigning against Muslims and the planned construction of the mosque in the area.”

The IAWM statement concluded by noting:

“This letter is unspeakably shameful and disgusting. The author(s) of this 'porn' claim to represent 'the Irish People' (whatever that imaginary monolith is) but that claim is an insult to Irish people. So it's not just Muslims that are being insulted. The letter is also deeply disturbing as it contains a picture of Michael Collins at the top. The Irish Government must denounce this letter immediately as it is a clear incitement to racial hatred and racial violence.”

For more information:

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