IAWM condemns racist campaign against local election candidate


• IAWM condemns racist campaign against local election candidate

The Irish Anti-War Movement (IAWM) issued a statement today condemning in the strongest possible terms the disgusting racist campaign being waged against Memet Uludag, the People Before Profit candidate for Castleknock, Dublin 15, in the local elections.

This campaign includes:

a) defacement of a number of his election posters by sellotaping pieces of bacon to them - a well known racial insult to people who are 'assumed' to be Muslim.

b) systematic destruction of his posters either by cutting them in half or removing them altogether. Over 70 of his posters have now been destroyed or removed.

c) Photographing/filming the candidate and his team when they are out postering in a manner designed to intimidate.

The Irish Anti-War Movement considers these actions a particularly outrageous attack on Memet Uludag's democratic rights as an Irish Citizen and on the democratic process as a whole.

John Molyneux from the IAWM Steering Committee said:

“We are of course totally opposed to racism and Islamophobia in all its forms. The fact that Memet is a long-standing supporter of the Irish Anti-War Movement and a member of our Steering Committee only adds to our indignation and to our solidarity with him at this time.”



John Molyneux, Steering Committee IAWM

Memet Uludag, Steering Committee IAWM

Jim Roche, PRO Steering Committee IAWM

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