The Chickens of War Come Home to Roost in Iraq

Irish Anti-War Movement Press Statement 18 June 2014

The Chickens of War Come Home to Roost in Iraq

The Irish anti-war Movement (IAWM) issued a statement today noting that this week’s events in Iraq, beginning with the capture of Mosul by ISIS and continuing with the country’s descent into civil war, are a clear case of the chickens of the 2003 invasion coming home to roost.

Once again it has been demonstrated that George Bush and Tony Blair’s utterly ill-conceived war and occupation have brought to the region nothing but death, permanent instability and growing sectarian conflict.

The Irish Anti-War Movement believes it is imperative we learn the lesson of the illegal 2003 war and its disastrous aftermath, namely that Western intervention, often presented as aiding or liberating the people of the region, serves only to make a bad situation worse.

John Molyneux of the IAWM Steering Committee said:

“For decades the US, assisted by the Western media, has been using the bogey of ‘Islamic Fundamentalism’ to justify its various military interventions and political manoeuvres. For years it has subjected Iran to sanctions and threats. Now it cynically turns to Iran to try to save its face in Iraq. In the process it exposes the utter hypocrisy of its continuing demonization of Islam and Muslims.”

He further noted:

“The IAWM declares its total opposition to any return to Western military or political intervention in Iraq. The problems of Iraq are for the Iraqi people themselves to resolve. We call on the Irish government to make a clear public statement rejecting any policy of intervention.”

The statement concluded by noting:

“We also urge the proven liar and war criminal, Tony Blair, to abandon his hopeless efforts at retrospective self-justification and his continuous war mongering. In the words of Boris Johnson he should ‘put a sock in it’ and ‘put a paper bag on his head’.”


John Molyneux, Steering Committee IAWM,
Michael Youlton, Steering Committee IAWM,
Jim Roche, PRO Steering Committee IAWM,
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