IAWM Public Meeting – After Paris, Stop the Terror, Stop the Wars. Today Thursday 26 Nov. 7.30pm.

IAWM press statement 26 November 2015

IAWM Public Meeting – After Paris, Stop the Terror, Stop the Wars

Date / Time: Thursday 26th November, 7.30pm

Venue: Academy Plaza Hotel, 10-14 Findlater Place, Dublin 1 (off Marlborough Street, Parnell Street East end)

Speakers include:
Richard Boyd Barret, TD
Clare Daly TD
Mick Wallace TD
and others

The IAWM are holding a public meeting this evening with three TDs speaking on how best to react to the Paris terrorist attacks and the response by the French and other governments.

The IAWM is urging people to attend this important meeting to hear suggestions as to how we can stop the new mad rush to war by western political leaders.

John Molyneux, Secretary of the IAWM said:

“We believe it is necessary to break out of the vicious cycle of war, terrorism and more war and more terrorism in which we have become locked. The appalling events in Paris come 14 years after 9/11, (itself a response to previous wars and occupations in the Middle East) and the launching of George Bush’s so-called ‘War on Terror’. These 14 years have seen wars on and in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Palestine and elsewhere and yet, predictably the terrorist attacks continue. No one should imagine that these drone strikes and bombing raids only kill targeted terrorists – on the contrary they kill hundreds and cumulatively thousands and thousands of ordinary people thus fuelling further bitterness.”

Jim Roche, IAWM PRO said:

“As suffering and tension escalate in the Middle East and around Europe further bombing in Syria as a response to the horrififc Paris terror attacks is not the solution. It will not work and will only kill and wound more civilians, make many homeless, create more refugees, lead to further sectarian division, quite likely only strenghten Daesh and deepen the hatred within the Middle East towards western powers and all things western. Bombing creates hate and only perpetuates the cycle of violence and brutality. Retired US Army General Mike Flynn has admitted that drone strikes have created more Islamist militants than they have killed. It is not practically possible to direct attacks at solely at military targets as we have witnessed from the appaling attacks on wedding parties and hospitals in Afghanistan, Yemen and just this last week in Syria. An alternative to war and terror must be found.”


John Molyneux, Secretary, Steering Committee IAWM, Tel. 085 735 6424
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Michael Youlton, Chair, Steering Committee IAWM, Tel. 086 815 9487
Glenda Cimino, Steering Committee IAWM, Tel. 086 124 9456
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Gearóid Kilgallan, Steering Committee IAWM, Tel. 01 2800866,

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