Irish Anti War Movement (IAWM) welcomes the release of Mick Wallace TD

IAWM Press Release, 09 December 2015

Irish Anti War Movement (IAWM) welcomes the release of Mick Wallace TD

Mick Wallace, the Wexford TD, was arrested this morning and taken to Limerick Prison. The reason for his arrest and imprisonment is his refusal to pay a 2,000 Euro fine imposed on him, along with Clare Daly TD, following his attempt to inspect US military planes in Shannon Airport. As the motivation for their actions was entirely in the pursuit of peace and against war, the IAWM welcomes his release.

In compliance with their duties as elected public representatives and legislators to hold the Government to account, Clare Daly and Mick Wallace felt obliged to undertake what the complicit Irish authorities have failed to do. They tried to enter Shannon Airport and search the military aircraft that are carrying war munitions, armed soldiers and possibly even prisoners. On July 22nd last year they entered the airport. They were arrested by the police and subsequently convicted of breaching ‘regulations’, fined 2,000 Euro each, which they decided to refuse to pay and they are now facing a prison sentence of one month.

“In light of the current deadly airstrikes by the US, UK, France and Russia on Syria, a country ravaged by war, it is particularly crucial that we in Ireland disassociate ourselves from this imperialist bombing,” said Michael Youlton, Chair of the IAWM. “Mick and Clare are demanding positive neutrality from Ireland and are prepared to pay a high price to this end. A number of previous and current Government Ministers have repeatedly misled the Dáil with regard to Ireland’s neutrality while allowing nearly three million armed US soldiers to transit through Shannon Airport on their way to and from the killing fields of the Middle East.”

Jim Roche, PRO IAWM noted “the arrest, and subsequent release, of Mick Wallace draws attention yet again to the inappropriate use of Shannon Airport by the US Military and the clear infringement of Irish neutrality. It makes all the more urgent our planned protest regarding the bombing of Syria at the Dáil tomorrow at 5pm.”

IAWM Protest at Dáil tomorrow Thursday 10th December, 5pm.
• Don’t Bomb Syria
• Defend Ireland’s Neutrality


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Memet Uludag, Steering Committee IAWM, Tel. 087 7919307
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