IAWM PRESS RELEASE - The Bray Air Display helps to glorify and justify war

IAWM Press Release, 24 July 2016

• The Bray Air Display helps to glorify and justify war

The Bray Air Display was attended by well over 50,000 people including tens of thousands of children. Its website referred to some of the participants as “the Daddy of them all – the Red Arrows” from the British Royal Air Force and “Italy’s flamboyant Frecce Tricolori” from the Italian Air Force. These aircraft and pilots come from two NATO countries Britain and Italy. Both countries participated in the wars in Afghanistan where hundreds of thousands of innocent people were killed.

Ed Horgan from the Steering Committee of the IAWM said:

“So its great fun isn't it, watching teams of military aircraft displaying their wares to thousands of young children. Of course not, little children are being "educated" or brainwashed to think that military aircraft are harmless toys and their pilots are heroes. Hopefully these children in Bray will never see fighter jets do loops in the sky as they drop bombs on other children in places like Helmand, Fallujah or Aleppo.”

Up to one million children have been killed in the Middle East directly or indirectly due to US and NATO led wars and genocidal sanctions since the first Gulf war in 1991.

That wasn't much fun then for all those children or for their families.

Over the past week, French and US airstrikes have killed up to 200 people in northern Syria, mainly women and children. Are these victims just collateral damage? British RAF planes have also been in action in Syria and Iraq.

Glenda Cimino, also of the IAWM Steering Committee said:

“It is shameful propagandising and conditioning for the acceptance of war as a 'normal' human activity. I agree with Graham Hancock, a writer and speaker who has often publicly expressed the opinion that our society is insane, and the proof is that our leaders propagate war and aggression, and the people like sheep follow along believing that war is either good or at least a 'necessary evil.'”

“It is the slick inclusion of military aircrafts and displays in these ‘fun-day for all the family’ air shows that normalises the militarisation of every day life and seeks to placate populations into believing that there is nothing they can do to stop wars”, said Jim Roche, PRO IAWM.

Ed Horgan further noted that:
“The peace movement will be protesting at any future air shows in Ireland that include foreign military aircraft, and we urge the good people of Ireland not to support such glorification of war, especially in this centenary of World War 1, when up to 50,000 Irish men lost their lives in such a stupid, needless war.”

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