International Anti-Racism Week: March Against Racism - UAR Event


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1. UAR Event

1. International Anti-Racism Week - March Against Racism
The IAWM is supporting the following event this Saturday which has been organised by United Against Racism UAR.

Saturday, 11 March 2pm.

Garden of Remembrance to Central Bank

Equality Ireland? Dump Trump (#NotInOurName), End Direct Provision (#EndDP), Equality Now (#EqualityIreland)

All welcome. Bring placards, banners, bring a lot of people.

United Against Racism

This rally and demonstration will have three themes:

Dump Trump. Trump is a racist, sexist, homophobic bigot who has made a speciality of attacking immigrants and Muslims, demeaning women, and stirring up hatred. Enda Kenny should not be going to Washington to present a bowl of Shamrock to Trump. If he wants to go somewhere on St.Patrick’s Day let him visit a homeless hostel or a Direct Provision centre. United Against Racism says to Kenny ‘Don’t go – not in our name!’

End Direct Provision. Direct Provision – the system Our State places asylum seekers in – is a shame and a disgrace. Asylum seekers are not allowed to work and forced to live on €19.10 a week. People fleeing oppression find themselves and their children trapped in centres that are close to being prisons and which segregate and isolate them from wider society. We say ‘End Direct Provision – give asylum seekers the right to work’.

Traveller Equality. United Against Racism has always supported the recognition of Traveller ethnicity. But this is only a first step towards full equality. Travellers continue to be the most oppressed, deprived and discriminated against group in Irish society in terms of health, education, jobs and every other measure. As part of the general housing crisis there is a specific acute crisis in Traveller accommodation. We say continue the struggle against anti-Traveller racism – full equality now!


Ibraham Halawa has been incarcerated in an Egyptian prison for almost four years now. His trial has been postponed for the 19th time.

Recently he has been admitted to the prison hospital due to his weakening following his protest hunger strike. The IAWM calls for his immediate release and for the Irish Government to step up pressure on the Egyptian authorities. This Irish citizen is innocent of any crime and is, like so many others in Egyptian prisons, a victim of an oppressive, militaristic, corrupt regime.

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