Stop The Slaughter in Syria - Sat 13/01/2018 - 2PM - Protest at Russian Embassy Orwel Road Dublin

The Irish Syria Soladarity Movement is organising a protest at the Russiona Embassy on Sat 13th Janurary 2018 at 2PM.

The situation in Ghouta and Idlib is dire. Every day there are more news of bombing and killing of civilians including many children.

Stop the Slaughter in Syria

 The Irish Anti-War Movement has marched from the Russian to the US embassy in the past and is opposition to all bombings and foreign military intervention. As the defeat of ISiS (at least in military terms) is celebrated, the situation in Syria is changing. The regime has hugely escalated its bombing campaign while the US is continuing its involvement through its local partners.

Reports from Syria are grim. Isis/terrorism was a in a way a common excuse for all waring parties, foreign and Syrian. Indeed, what Isis and other sectarian/counter-revolutionary forces did is horrible and we must condemn all, but today we see yet again the regime and Russia as the leading force in bombing hospitals, civilian infrastructure and killing civilians.