Irish Anti-War Movement Condemned Attack on Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign's Bank Account

In a statement released today the Irish Anti-War Movement condemned the on-going attack on the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign's right to exist.

Recent reports in The Jerusalem Post show that the Israel government is directly lobbying Allied Irish Bank (AIB) and one of its large shareholders Franklin Templeton Investments to close down the bank account of the IPSC and "scores of others".

A spokesman for the Irish Anti-War Movement went on to say,

“This is a deeply sinister and worrying development, in 2016 the IPSC accounts with Bank of Ireland with whom they had banked for over 15 years were unilaterally closed without any rationale other than a statement to the effect that the IPSC no longer met their "risk appetite".”

The Irish Anti-War Movement went on to say “We fully supports the right of civil society groups to access banking services as this is essential to the functioning of a modern democratic society.”

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