Petition to Eircom to Boycott Israeli firm Amdocs

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Eircom are actively considering awarding a multi-million euro contact for a new computer billing system to a multinational consortium, which includes Israeli company Amdocs.

Amdocs is an Israeli based company, employing about 4000 people in Israel, and admits on its own web-site that most of its employees serve in the Israeli army.

For the consortuim that includes Amdocs to recieve this contract could be a major boost to the Israeli economy.

On the other hand, if Eircom refuse to give this contract to the consortium that includes Amdocs, it would be a powerful boost to the International campaign to boycott Israel because of its treatment of the Palestinian people.

We appeal to all those appalled by the recent Israeli massacare in Gaza and who wish to support the suffering people of Palestine, to sign this petition and circulate it widely for others to sign.

We also encourage you, particularly, if you are an Eircom  customer, to contact Eircom and make it clear to them that you will have to reconsider remaining an Eircom customer if this contract is granted to the consortium that includes Amdocs.

The Eircom executive who will recommend to the Eircom board which consortium should be awarded the contract is Eircom's IT Director, Gerry Quinn.

Letters or calls on this issue should be directed to him.