Attached are a list of resources which anti-war activists may find useful for their activities.A list of Archived Resources can be found by following this link: Archived Resources

Newsletter_2.pdf894.9 KB
Pledge_summary_and_statement.doc267.5 KB
Lebanon One Year On40 KB
Sign-Up-Sheet.doc22 KB
IAWM-Constitution.doc31.5 KB
Irish Anti War Fact File 11.18 MB
Take Out a Standing Order39 KB
IAWM Press Release 20090510.pdf66.4 KB
Commentary on the Draft Assurances re Lisbon concerning Security and Defence.pdf29.81 KB
2010 Boycott Isreal - Detailed Leaflet.pdf26.02 KB
2010 Boycott Isreal - The Problem.pdf15.74 KB
Shannon Watch Booklet 20121.24 MB