Where are the Writers Demonstrating at Shannon?

Apart from one or two writers whose dedication virtually ensures that they are present at Shannon Airport to demonstrate against what is now a permanent US presence there, it seldom ceases to amaze me that some of our soi-disant prominent writers in the West of Ireland are continually absent. Is it that having the name of being 'on the Left' is more attractive, and less hazardous career-wise, than actually engaging in the game itself? It indeed is hardly unknown for some people to adopt political causes as a means to a personal or career end by acquiring street cred, if you like, but somehow something of their secret ambition seeps through as an advertisement for themselves. Shannon is a major issue and it hasn't gone away We should fear neither the slow wrath of The Arts Council nor the possible refusal at US immigration but should feel free to demonstrate and have our voices heard and as writers we have a particular responsibility in this issue. I would call on writers living in the region of the Shannon to join in the protests against the US presence there or to write letters to local newspapers and national ones proclaiming their opposition to the United States military occupation of this part of Irish soil. If any writer feels unwilling to do this, let him or her not ever grumble about free speech - while the US bombs and rockets ordinary civilians in Afghanistan in the name of a 'free world.'