[ARTICLE] Dissident lance corporal who refused to fight in Afghanistan claims support of soldiers

A lance corporal who faces jail for refusing to return to fight in Afghanistan has claimed fellow soldiers are rallying to his cause. 
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Meeting British soldier who refuses to return to Afghanistan. Public Meeting Saturday December 5th 4.30 Central Hotel Dublin 2.


The Irish Anti War movement is pleased to welcome to Dublin British serviceman, Lance Corporal Joe Glenton, a courageous objector to the NATO led occupation of Afghanistan.

At the risk of imprisonment, Joe Glenton feels he can no longer be part of this phoney war on terror. He will recount how his experience of the new military surge in Afghanistan proved to be the final straw and he could do it no more.

Ireland too has blood on its hands. Military personnel are aiding "counter-insurgency" in Afghanistan. Joe Glenton's stand is a heroic example for all of those military who can no longer support this costly, inhumane and unwinable war.

Come along and hear a first hand and inside account of what this war really means - for Afghani civilians and for those sent to fight on behalf of the US empire.