[NEWS] 126 Iraqi women to be executed soon - IAWM Letters

For the attention of:H.E. Dr. Ali Abdussalam Trek president of the UN General Assembly

The secretary General of the UN : Ban Ki Moon

Mr Thomas Hammarberg
Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights

Mr Abdulmuhaimen Al-Oraibi
Charge d’Affaires of the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq

I urge you to take whatever action you can in relation to the following:

I understand that 126 professional women who have worked for the previous regime have been sentenced to death by the Iraqi government, and that it is expected that the executions will be carried out before the Muslim feast of pilgrimage (in 2 weeks time). Their only crime appear to be serving under the previous regime. Amongst those to be executed the ex Head Nuclear Energy Centre and the ex minister of Work and Social Affairs. These proposed executions should be stopped immediately.
Repeated appeals against the death penalty in Iraq have been issued by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch especially in view of the Iraqi judiciary system being dysfunctional. These women are more than likely to have faced unfair trials after which the death sentence was issued.

The death penalty and extra judicial killings of political figures has created a culture of revenge and a never ending cycle of violence in Iraq. These women appear to be targeted by the Iraqi government just because they served under the previous regime. This is not acceptable. If they are accused of any crime, they should face a fair trial in the presence of  international observers or they should be released immediately.Execution is in any case a disproportionate punishment.

Glenda Cimino - IAWM