PANA: 243,000 US soldiers use Shannon Airport in 2009 to date

Press Statement 16/12/09 
Peace & Neutrality Alliance 
For more information contact the Chair of PANA Roger Cole at : 087-2611597

In response to a Dail question by Caoimhghin O Caolain (9/12/09) of Sinn Fein, Noel Dempsey, Minister of Transport said  243,000 US soldiers had used Shannon Airport to date.

Roger Cole, Chair of PANA said:

"PANA held the first demonstration at Shannon Airport in May 2002 in protest against the use of Shannon Airport by US troops on their way to their wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and have organised or helped in many such protests since then. We did so, not because we were "anti-American" but because we were pro-American, pro the American people, that is. Elizabeth Warren's recent studies have shown that there has been a massive decline in the disposable income of American families from 1970 to today. In short, while it is the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Pakistan that have suffered most from the wars of the American Empire and its vassal states like Ireland, the ordinary American family is being improvished by its miliarist neo-liberal agenda. The decision of the Irish corporate media to all but exclude peace groups like PANA from the media will not prevent the horrific economic disaster facing not just the ordinary Am! ericans but the Irish people as well unless these wars are stopped. The absolute refusal to condemn President Obama for his decision, like President Johnson did in Vietnam, to escalate the war will not prevent the inevitable crash. These wars must be stopped now, and the termination of the use of Shannon Airport by the US troops is a key step towards peace and economic stability."

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