Russell Tribunal on Palestine, online!

Everyone will be able to attend First session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, online!

Live streaming of the session will start on 1st March at 10am here:
This will enable the Russell Tribunal on Palestine to become a truly global event. Please log in and share.

I remind you that the 1st session will scrutinize the role of the European Union in perpetuating the impunity of the state of Israel, and the UE violation of international right and of its own international treaties.

You can find an overview of the session items at
and I add as attached files the detailed press document of the event, in French, unfortunalely, a general file on the RTP and the provisional agenda of the Bacelona session, both in english.

We plan to organize more sessions (depending on our manpower and financial support) on other aspects of the international community responsability on (complicity with?) the Israeli policy of colonization in Palestine and violation of the international law. The next one should hold in London and focus on the "Corporate complicity".

The RTP website is
Consult and share, in particular with the activist networks, the politicians, and the medias in your countries.

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