No reward for war crimes - no upgrade for Israel in the EU

URGENT ACTION ALERT: No reward for war crimes - no upgrade for Israel in the EU

One of Europe's decision making body, the Council of the EU, will be discussing upgrading the EU-Israel association agreement next Wednesday 23rd March 2010. The agreement had been due for an upgrade in December 2008, but was suspended following Israel's massacre in Gaza.

Since 2000, the EU Israel Association Agreement (EUIAA) has promoted strong trade, business and cultural ties between Israel and the EU. An upgrade to ‘special status' will cement even stronger relations- allowing greater scope for collaboration (e.g. academic exchanges), input in a number of key EU policies and increased access to EU funding. Israel is also in gross breach of Article 2 of the EUIAA, which requires countries to ‘respect human rights and democratic principles'.   

Ireland will be represented at the meeting by the Dept of Foreign Affairs.

Israel must not be rewarded for violating international law and continuing its illegal occupation.

We urge you to contact the following politicians and ask them to reject an upgrade for Israel. Email:

  1. Micheál Martin TD , Minister for Foreign Affairs:
  2. Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council:
  3. Commissioner Cathy Ashton, HR for the union of Foreign Affairs: