Anti-War Movement Condenms Failure of Irish Government to Sanction Israel as Britain Expels Diplomat

Press Release

In a statement, the Irish Anti-War Movement (IAWM) has condemned the Irish government’s failure to impose any sanction on Israel for forging Irish passports and using them to assassinate a Hamas official in Dubai.

180px-eirepas.jpgThe IAWM statement comes in the wake of Tuesday's decision by the British government to expel a senior Israeli intelligence official from the Israel’s embassy in the UK, for involvement in the passport/assassination outrage.

The IAWM said that while Britain’s response to the Israeli outrage was tokenistic and insufficient, it was more than the Irish government had done.

The IAWM said that Taoiseach, Brian Cowen and Foreign Affairs Minister, Micheal Martin, should at the very least match Britiain's action but really should take a step further and expel the Israeli ambassador from Ireland.

Richard Boyd Barrett, chairperson of the Irish Anti-War Movement said:

"Tuesday’s decision by the British government to expel a Mossad official in the Israeli embassy and David Miliband’s statement in parliament, confirm what we all knew anyway: It was Israel that forged Irish, British and other passports to carry out an extra-judicial execution.

The expulsion of one Mossad official is, of course, inadequate and tokenistic, given that this action was clearly sanctioned at a high level in the Israeli government, but at least it is something. The Irish government, on the other hand, in their usual fashion, have done nothing at all and just hoped the whole issue would go away.

Michael Martin’s failure to sanction Israel is all the more shocking given the obvious involvement of the Israeli embassy in the forging of Irish passports. One of the false addresses used on the forged Irish passports involved in the Dubai assassination was an empty house near Pembroke Road - right across the street from the Israeli embassy in Dublin. It does not take a rocket scientist to work out the embassy here in Dublin was involved.

After the horrors of Gaza, Ireland should have imposed serious sanctions on Israel. Surely now that the British government has confirmed Israeli involvement in this affront to international law and Irish sovereignty, Michael Martin must impose some sort of sanction. We will see now if this government has any principle’s or self-respect left at all."

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