Palestinian support for two-state solution suffers a sharp fall

MICHAEL JANSEN in Irish Times 22 April 2010

SUPPORT FOR a two-state solution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is falling steeply among Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza.

According to a poll released yesterday by the Jerusalem Media and Communications Centre, almost 34 per cent of Palestinians now back a binational state shared by Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs compared with only 20.6 per cent in June 2009.

In 2001 – at the outset of the second intifada – the figure in favour was 18.3 per cent, and it increased only slightly until 2009.

While 43.9 per cent still favour the two-state solution that would create a Palestinian state alongside Israel, just over 30 per cent believe the peace process is dead and argue that negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel will not resume.

An additional 46.2 per cent believe the peace process is in great difficulty and the outcome is uncertain. Just 18.4 per cent believe the peace process is “alive and well”.