Israeli Embassy Protest latest: 50 activists barricade the embassy and plan to stay the night.

Israeli Embassy Protest latest: 50 activists barricade the embassy and plan to stay the night . .. (03/06)

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Tonight (Jun 3rd), anti-war activists and protestors have formed a human barricade around the Israeli Embassy, following a march from Dublin, called in protest at the Israeli attack on the Gaza aid flotilla earlier this week.

Over 200 activists remaine to formed te chain and over 50 plan to stay the night to shut down the embassy.

The demonstration, organised by the Irish Anti-War Movement is calling for safe passage to Gaza for the Irish owned aid ship, MV Rachael Corrie, and an immediate end to the brutal Israeli siege of the beleaguered Palestinian enclave.

The protest is demanding that the Irish government impose diplomatic trade sanctions on Israel, in response to this week’s atrocity and the ongoing persecution of the people of Gaza and Palestine.

The protest organisers say the barricade around the embassy symbolises the need for Ireland and the International community to politically and economically isolate Israel until the murderous siege of Gaza is lifted and the decades of oppression visited on the entire Palestinian people is ended.

Richard Boyd Barrett, chairperson of the Irish Anti-War Movement said:

“This latest vile atrocity committed by Israel is surely the signal to the world to say: enough is enough. We cannot keep coming out every year to condemn the latest Israeli atrocity but do nothing about it. Sanctions must now be imposed on Israel to force them to lift this brutal siege and to secure self-determination and basic human rights for the people of Palestine. Our government should take a lead in this by expelling the Israeli ambassador and severing economic ties with Israel. Government criticism of Israel is little more than hot air, if it is not accompanied by concrete action. Our protest tonight is aimed at securing that end.”

Claudia Saba, Palestinian activist from the steering committee of the Irish Anti-War Movement said:

“Ireland continues to buy military equipment from Israel. Our government voted to support Israel’s entry into the OECD. We continue to allow EU trade privileges to Israel. Critical words will have no effect whatsoever if, in real political and economic terms, we continue to treat them as if they were a normal democratic state and give them special privileges. The Irish government must now match its words with deeds and impose sanctions on Israel, as was done with Apartheid South Africa. Ireland must take a lead in Europe in demanding, finally, a just peace for the Palestinian people.  

Critically, with the Rachael Corrie now sailing into the teeth of the murderous regime that killed at least nine peace activists earlier this week, we must exert maximum pressure on Israel not to attack this ship and to allow vitally needed aid through to Gaza