Irish anti-war movement protests blockade at Israeli embassy

Irish anti-war movement protests blockade at Israeli embassy
08/06/2010 - 07:54:40
The Irish anti-war movement is asking people not to forget the events of the past week involving humanitarian deliveries to Gaza.

The group is holding a protest outside the Israeli embassy in Dublin this morning - calling on the Government to sever diplomatic ties with Israel.

Richard Boyd Barrett, chairperson of the Irish anti-war movement, has said Gardaí have tried to push protestors away from the entrance of the Israeli embassy in Ballsbridge this morning as they mounted a second peaceful blockade.

The protest continues on the road in front of the embassy.

Claudia Saba, Palestinian member of the IAWM steering committee, said: "It is just disgraceful that the Gardaí would try to prevent us from protesting in a peaceful manner. Protecting the embassy of a government who has just days ago murdered humanitarian workers in international waters and who blockaded an Irish ship and imprisoned irish activists before deporting them."

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