Barack demands UN to stop their "flotilla" inquiry

Barack demands UN to stop their "flotilla" inquiry


BARAKJerusalem, June 22, (Pal Telegraph) Defense Minister Ehud Barak, urged the United Nations to suspend plans for an independent inquiry supported by the international organization in a raid by Israeli commandos on a convoy of ships carrying humanitarian aid as it traveled to the Gaza Strip last month, which killed nine civilian Turks.

Speaking to reporters after his meeting with Ban Ki-moon, Barak said that he told the Secretary-General that the United Nations should suspend its plans to set up a commission to investigate Israel's assault on the fleet of freedom convoy, which included six ships traveling to Gaza holding aid and peace activists onboard.

Barak added, "We have expressed our view that at the moment and as long as there are more naval convoys of other ships are being prepared to set sail to Gaza it's best to probably to leave it (the UN inquiry) on the shelf for some time."

Peres said that the committee set up by Israel, which consists of five people, including foreign observers which would be sufficient at this time.

Barak said," We move forward in our own independent investigation in which we believe is clear, independent, reliable and credible and should be allowed to be done.

He added that its “irresponsible” to give a permission to further aid ships to sail to Gaza.

Barak explained: "its very well known that we asked all of the earlier convoys of ships to join us and go through the Israeli port of Ashdod. "