Nine British soldiers have died there [AFGHANISTAN] in the last seven days, taking the total to 307. June has become the worst month for NATO  
fatalities since the war began, and if you're a British soldier  you are four times more likely to be killed than your US  counterpart (see http://bit.ly/9vr3AE ).

The father of Richard Hollington, the 300th British soldier to be  killed, asked the question that arises every time another  fatality is reported: What for? Robin Hollington wants an  explanation from David Cameron and defence secretary Liam Fox to  justify his son's death

(SEE ITV interview on the Stop the War home page: http://bit.ly/14uRwZ ).

The almost comical sacking of General Stanley McChrystal, the US  commander in Afghanistan, is just one more sign of Nato's utter  
disarray, but Obama and Cameron used the occasion to stress that  there would be no deviation from McChrystal's patently failing


"surge" strategy, which has done nothing but escalate the killing  and further destabilise the country (SEE http://bit.ly/d6VHru )

Once again, we got from Obama and Cameron what the Independent called "the same old fairy tale" about British and American  
troops being in Afghanistan to protect civilians in London and  New York.
And, as the Independent added, the more they repeat this, the more difficult it is to face reality and pull the troops out of  an unwinnable war.

The average age of British casualties is 22, but rather than  admit defeat, David Cameron will continue sending young men and  women to die in increasing numbers in Afghanistan. As Labour MP  Paul Flynn said recently: "In order for David Cameron to keep his  promise not to lose his nerve on Afghanistan, others must lose their lives." (SEE http://bit.ly/9JzUdk )


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