Stop Bombing Yemen Protest Thurs 1/11/2018 6PM at Saudi Embassy

Stop Bombing Yemen Protest Thurs 1/11/2018 6PM at Saudi Embassy 6/7 Fitzwilliam Square East Dublin 2.

Public Meeting on War and the Environment Wed 24/10/2018 7PM The Teachers Club Dublin

In view of the recent devastating IPCC Report on Climate Change and the immediate deadly threat it poses to humanity, The Irish Anti-War Movement will host a meeting on Wed 24 October 7pm at the Teachers Club Parnell Square Dublin.

It will deal not only with the general effects of war on the environment which are terrible, but also with the specific role of militarism in promoting and locking us in to fossil-fuel dependence.


Emergency Idlib Protest Mon 10/9/2018 5:30PM GPO OConnell Street Dublin

The Irish Anti-War Movement is deeply concerned that we may be on the brink of yet another appalling humanitarian catastrophe in Syria.

The brutal Assad regime, aided by Russia, have started bombing Idlib – the last stronghold of resistance to the regime.  This may be the beginning of a final offensive. Idlib does indeed contain jihadi rebels but it also holds 3 million civilians, 1 million of them children and many of them already displaced refugees. A serious air attack could kill many thousands and displace up to 700,000.

The IAWM calls for a halt to the bombing and an immediate ceasefire.

We also oppose all foreign intervention in Syria.

We support the ‘Stop Bombing Idlib’  Protest at 5.30 pm today at the GPO in Dublin

Further Info Contact John Molinux (085 735 6424)

First International Conference Against NATO 16 - 18 November 2018 Dublin


Dear Friends of Peace, Justice and the Environment,

The registration process for our International Conference Against US/NATO Military Bases in Dublin, Ireland, is now open.

You can participate and/or support this conference in several ways:


The IAWM is calling on its members to support this protest against the warmonger Hillary Clinton tomorrow 12-2pm at TCD, Dublin.



The Irish Anti-war Movement is to protest tomorrow (Friday 22 June) against the visit and awarding of an honorary doctorate to former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The joint protest, along with TCD Students for Justice in Palestine, will take place at the front entrance to Trinity College Dublin between 12-2pm on Friday 22 June.

The IAWM say that Hillary Clinton is not a woman of peace and is in fact an arch warmonger who supported the Bush / Blair war in Iraq, escalated the war in Afghanistan, and was one of the key instigators in the NATO bombing of Libya.

She openly supported Barack Obama’s increased use of drone warfare which led to multiple civilian deaths of civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere. The US based Bureau of Investigative Journalism estimates that between January 2009 and the end of 2015, there were between 380 and 801 civilian casualties of US Drone warfare, for which Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton must be held responsible.

She has also unquestionably supported Israel’s war on the Palestinians. She increased US financial aid to Israel in 2013 from $2.5B to $3.1. She helped Israel build stronger defence forces including upgrading Patriot Missiles and the Iron Dome System. She refused to criticise Israel even after its forces had targetted the Jabilya refugee camp and a UN school in Gaza in 2014. She has vowed to fight against the Boycott Divestments Sandtions BDS movement.

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