In a statement issued today the IAWM noted its dismay on hearing that the UK is establishing a permanent military base in Mina Salman Port in Bahrain.

It is claimed by the British government that this is to 'reinforce stability' in the region but the IAWM noted that it is likely to have the opposite effect. Imperial adventures by western governments, including the British Government, have long been a major source of instability and conflict in the Middle East and especially in the Gulf. The last thing the region needs is increased military presence from Britain.

Moreover there is a specific reason to oppose military and other collaboration with Bahrain, namely the country's appalling and well documented human rights record. Bahrain was always an undemocratic state dominated by a minority and ruled by an authoritarian royal family. When the people of Bahrain rebelled during the Arab Spring they were met with brutal repression (with the aid of the Saudi Arabian army). Since then there have been innumerable human rights abuses, including the jailing and torture of doctors trained by the Irish College of Surgeons, for the 'crime' of treating injured protestors.

Only last week a woman pro-democracy activist, Zainab al-Kharwaja was sentenced to 3 years in prison for tearing up a picture of King Hamed. She is the third member of her family to be jailed for political opposition.

It is clear from this announcement that western powers are happy to use Bahrain for militaristic purposes while ignoring its appalling human rights record. Neither the UK nor any other country that claims to be a democracy should be associated with this regime.

JIM ROCHE, PRO. Tel: 087 6472737

Amnesty International Free Ibrahim Halawa

Ibrahim Halawa, an 18 year old Irish-Egyptian citizen has been in prison in Egypt for over 14 months, for a peaceful protest. He is an Amnesty International prisoner of conscience. 


Take urgent action! 

He was arrested for his alleged role in violence during protests that took place in August 2013 in the Ramsis area of Cairo. Amnesty International has established that he is innocent of the charges and designated Ibrahim a prisoner of conscience.  A new trial has been scheduled to start on 1 December. If convicted he could face the death penalty.

Download an information sheet here, if you would like to write a letter to the Egyptian authorities


UK Govt admits defeat over claim renditions court case will damage UK-US relations

UK Govt admits defeat over claim renditions court case will damage UK-US relations
The British Government admitted defeat in court today over its claims that a renditions case could not be heard for fear of embarrassing the US.
Government QC James Eadie told the court that he accepted they had “come second” when it came to arguments over “Foreign Act of State” – the theory that a British court cannot hear cases where the UK has cooperated with another state in wrongdoing.
Today’s hearing concerned Yunus Rahmatullah, who was seized by UK forces in Iraq in 2004 before being handed over to the US and ‘rendered’ to Bagram, Afghanistan. Mr Rahmatullah suffered years of torture before finally being released in June this year.
The UK long denied any involvement in rendition, before being forced to correct the record in Parliament in 2008, when then-Defence Secretary John Hutton finally publicly admitted that the rendition of Mr Rahmatullah and another man, Amanatullah Ali, had taken place.
Today’s hearing also considered written testimony from a former senior US Ambassador, Thomas Pickering, who contradicted the UK Government’s claim that hearing the case would endanger UK-US relations. In written testimony, Ambassador Pickering stated that “I firmly believe that adjudicating Mr Rahmatullah’s case in UK courts is highly unlikely to cause damage to the relations or national security cooperation between the US and UK," adding that the UK Government’s claims “misunderstand the value the United States places on the rule of law.”




The Irish Anti-War Movement is calling on its members to try to attend at least one of these college events this week (details below and on attachments) organised by Academics for Palestine with guest speakers Israeli historian Prof. Ilan Pappé and Palestinian writer and academic Dr. Ghada Karmi.


A series of college meetings on Wednesday and Thursday this week organised by Academics for Palestine (AfP) will examine the role of academics in the struggle for justice in Palestine.


This includes a public debate at Trinity College Dublin on the subject of the academic boycott. The meetings are detailed below.

Why Bombing ISIS Makes Things Worse - Public Meeting - 16/10/2014 19:30 The Teachers Club Dublin

There will be a public meeting about why attacking ISIS will only make the situation worse.


  • Harry Browne - Writer and Journalist
  • Patricia McKenna - Activist and Former MEP
  • Richard Boyd Barrett TD - People Before Profit

Date: Thursday 16 October 7.30pm
Location: The Teachers Club 36 Parnell St West


Shannon: National Demonstration - 12 October 2014

NOTICE: The bus for Shannon will be leaving at 10.00 in the morning of Sunday 12th October from Liberty Hall. Those wishing to go should let us know by the 8th October.... Please email for confirmation and questions.
Contributions would be welcome.

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