For those of you who haven't seen it, this is an extraordinary five or six-minute film, one of the most powerful on checkpoints i've seen.
A great resource.
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Developments in Palestine - Who is Salam Fayyad?

The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition

If Joe Lieberman, Howard Berman, the Jerusalem Post and the Israeli and American governments are all impressed by a particular Palestinian and enthusiastic about his past acts and future plans, what conclusion should any rational person draw ?  

The article by the Editor of the Jerusalem Post transmitted below constitutes, in my opinion, essential reading. 



Editor's Notes: Salam Fayyad builds Palestine

[VIDEO] Marking Berlin anniversary, Palestinians breach Israel's wall.....

 then get tear gased by Israeli soldiers....


[ARTICLE] New York Times discusses Palestinian Authority

All sorts of wildly contradictory rumors have been swirling as to the intentions of Mahmoud Abbas and the Ramallah-based Palestinian leadership in the wake of Barack Obama's capitulation to Bibi Netanyahu.
They range from an imminent application by the State of Palestine (proclaimed on November 15, 1988 and accorded diplomatic recognition by over 100 countries in the two months which followed) for full UN member state status (reported in HAARETZ) to an imminent declaration that the "two-state solution" is dead and that Palestinians will henceforh seek the full rights of citizenship in a democratic state with equal rights for all (also reported in HAARETZ).

[LETTER] Palestinian Delegation letter in today's IT

Madam, – The Israeli ambassador (November 4th) claims that the Palestinians refused a generous Israeli offer at Camp David and Taba.

The ambassador should have told your readers the parts of the Occupied Palestinian territories that were to be retained by Israel in this generous offer. These were: the Jordan Valley, 25 per cent of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, the Latrun salient and the No Man’s Land. All together, these make nearly 50 per cent of the Occupied Palestinian territories.

In his book, Palestine Peace Not Apartheid, former US president, Jimmy Carter stated: “It was later claimed that the Palestinians rejected a generous offer. The fact is no such offer was ever made” (page 152).

President Carter also quoted Ehud Barak, the Israeli prime minister at the time, as saying: “The only thing that took place at Taba was non-binding contacts between senior Israelis and senior Palestinians” (page 152).

[ARTICLE] Two States or One - the Moment of Truth

From  John Whitbeck

John V. Whitbeck is an international lawyer who has advised the Palestinian negotiating team in negotiations with Israel, is author of “The World According to Whitbeck”.

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