Gaza: Living in the rubble

Gaza: Living in the rubble

Mohammed al Attar, his wife and five children's home in Beit Lahiya was completely destroyed along with all their possessions in the recent conflict. Clancy Chassay spends 24 hours in the rubble with them in the tent they now call home



The Gates That Keep Gaza Hungry by Rachel Shabi

KEREM SHALOM, ISRAEL // Pallets loaded with cream biscuits, soya bean oil, surgical gloves, dates, apples and peaches sit on a dusty stretch of desert encircled by high, grey concrete walls.

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Settlers or squatters? by Edward Platt

The politics of demolition and construction in East Jerusalem have always been fraught. Now Israeli settlers are using archaeological excavation as cover for a programme of expansion and dispossession – but the inhabitants of one Palestinian village won’t go quietly

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Pathways to Palestine / Slí Phalaistín

Pathways to Palestine / Slí Phalaistín aims to raise funds medical aid and awareness for citizens of Gaza. Four Irish students will journey from Glasgow to Gaza in 40 Days.  All monies will go directly to Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) a charity set up by healthcare professionals with operations that continue during the ongoing blockade of Gaza.


Gaza "HOPE" Convoy Updates

I have been a member here for sometime but have never posted here until now. I have two friends on the "Hope" convoy to Gaza. One of them is a Politician from Ireland, the Sinn Fein Representative and Deputy Leader of the convoy, Clr Gerry MacLochlainn.
 I am getting many updates daily from both friends, and I thought I would post them here as people may be interested in reading the progress. I have just pasted them below as they appear in my blog. From most recent backwards, including the latest press release as well.

Debating the Question of Removing Hamas from the List of Terrorist Organizations


Interview with Nadine Rosa-Rosso:

(Nadine is the former Secretary General of the Belgian Parti de Travail (Workers Party)

Why did you decide to launch an appeal for the removal of Hamas from the list of terrorist organizations?

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