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Obama's First Acts Of War

Within days of taking office Barack Obama sanctioned two missile attacks in Pakistan, which killed dozens of civilians.  Obama also announced the doubling of US troop numbers in Afghanistan to 60,000, making it clear that his war policies are no different from those of George Bush.

Obama's vice president Joe Biden says there will be an "uptick" in the military campaign in Afghanistan which makes more important than ever the protests now being planned in Britain for Obama's first visit here in April.

It is essential that the anti-war movement mobilises the widest opposition to the war in Afghanistan - which is unwinnable even if the invaders knew what "winning" would look like. Obama's intention is to escalate the war dramatically, with the inevitable slaughter of Afghan civilians, already being killed in their hundreds.


Petition to Eircom to Boycott Israeli firm Amdocs

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Eircom are actively considering awarding a multi-million euro contact for a new computer billing system to a multinational consortium, which includes Israeli company Amdocs.

Amdocs is an Israeli based company, employing about 4000 people in Israel, and admits on its own web-site that most of its employees serve in the Israeli army.

For the consortuim that includes Amdocs to recieve this contract could be a major boost to the Israeli economy.

On the other hand, if Eircom refuse to give this contract to the consortium that includes Amdocs, it would be a powerful boost to the International campaign to boycott Israel because of its treatment of the Palestinian people.

We appeal to all those appalled by the recent Israeli massacare in Gaza and who wish to support the suffering people of Palestine, to sign this petition and circulate it widely for others to sign.

Police Agree to Investigate Raytheon's Role in War Crimes

Nine Women obstruct doors inside Raytheon Plant Derry

Nine women obstructed doors inside Raytheon plant in Derry by chaining themselves together and to the doors. They were protesting against the use of Raytheon's weapons by Israel in the commission of war crimes in Gaza. They also called upon the local police to investigate Raytheon's participation in such crimes.

  Protestors gather in solidarity outside Raytheon, while nine women (centre of picture) sit inside chained to an internal door.
Protestors gather in solidarity outside Raytheon, while nine women (centre of picture) sit inside chained to an internal door.

Doneygal Public meeting in Ballyshannon Dorrian's Hotel

19/01/2009 - 20:00

A public meeting will take place in Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal on Monday 19th January in Dorrian's Hotel. The purpose of the meeting is to bring together people who want to provide support to the Palestinian people. Speakers from the IPSC and others will be outlining how we can provide practical support and show solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

KILLARNEY: Protest Against Israel's War on Gaza Assemble at the Courthhouse

17/01/2009 - 14:15

A demonstration has been called by Palestinians who are living in Killarney, and others, against the Israeli invasion of Gaza and the killing of over 1000 civilians.

Assemble at the Courthhouse, Killarney Saturday 17 January 2009 @ 2.15

Some transport available, call 086 7397458.

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Donegal Palestinian Deputy Ambassador To Address West Donegal (dobhair) Public Meeting

17/01/2009 - 18:00

Solidarity with Gaza public Meeting

éirígí have organised a public meeting in Dobhair, West Donegal on Saturday 17th January at 6pm in solidarity with the people of Gaza and the Palestinian people and their cause in general

The Palestinian deputy ambasador, a spokesperson for the ICTU and Brendean MacCionnaith from éirígí will address the meeting.

The Palestinian Deputy Ambassador to Ireland Yusuf Dorkhom is set to address a public meeting in Dobhair next weekend to highlight the ongoing siege and bombardment of Gaza by Israel.

The public meeting, which has been organised by éirígí Tír Chonaill, takes place on Saturday January 17 in Ionad Naomh Pádraig, Dobhair at 6pm. Also addressing the meeting will be Ciaran Campbell from the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) and Brendean MacCionnaith from éirígí .

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