Irish Anti War Movement

EXCLUSIVE The Raytheon 9 Acquitted on All Charges

Picture of portesters The Derry Anti-War activists took direct action against Raytheon, to stop the manufacture of weapons systems and to save lives in the Middle East.

They faced charges of aggravated burglary, criminal damage and affray. If they had been found guilty they could have faced long prison sentences.

Derry Anti War Coalition calls on the office of the Attorney General and the Crown Prosecution Service, in light of the jury's verdict of 'not guilty' to criminal damage charges, to institute an investigation into the activities of Raytheon at its various plants across the UK, with a view to determining whether Raytheon is a criminal enterprise.

Statement by Colm Bryce

Pentagon Manual: OK to Destroy G'tmo Interrogation Notes

June 9, 2008. At Gitmo, destroying evidence is standard operating procedure.


The Guantanamo "war crimes" trials took another shameful turn yesterday when the Navy lawyer representing Canadian-born Omar Khadr revealed that a 2003 Pentagon manual encouraged interrogators to destroy their hand written notes made at the time of the interrogations. Only last week the military judge assigned to preside over Khadr's trial was unexpectedly replaced, after rebuking prosecution lawyers for their delay in turning over evidence to Khadr's defense counsel.

According the AP and Canadian media, the new disclosure could be used to seek the dismissal of charges against Khadr, and in a pending Supreme Court case challenging the denial of habeas corpus under the notorious Military Commissions Act.


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