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the difficulty of President Higgins’s “ethical remembering” and “narrative hospitility” (News Agenda, 1 July) towards Ireland’s shared experience of WW1, especially the Battle of the Somme, is that it is in danger of encouraging a muted uncritical discourse of the event that at best portrays it as an inevitable blunder and at worst glorifies the carnage, all seemingly in the search for good neighbourly relations between Ireland and Britain. Liewise the focus of Irish revisionist historians and media commentators who portray the Sons of Ulster and the ‘Sons of Éire’ dying ‘herocially’ side by side in an allegedly noble cause.

The use of language is so revealing regarding the distortion of history at play here. The number of instances that the word ‘heroism’ was used in print and on the national airwaves last Friday and Saturday is striking. There is nothing heroic about men cajouled to fight a sensless battle with all likelyhood of death or horrific life-changing injuries.

The WW1 commemorative process in Britain is, as writer Christopher Donnison argues, exemplified by a somnolent remembrance culture dominated by the victory narrative which Britain’s political leaders and the Royals use to promote militarism today. Meanwhile in Ireland the establishment’s guilt at the non-remembrance of those Irishmen who fought and died, and the desire to use the carnage to unite all Irish of varied persuasions, dampens any space for serious critique. How disturbingly macabre that the primary way Irish people, north and south, are portrayed coming together in unity is in dying together in a futile imperialist war?

Resist Trump's Racism, Sexism. Resist Hate

17/11/2016 - 18:00

The bigger the Protests now the less we will need to do later on.
Date:Thurs 17/11/2016
Time:18:00 -19:00
Location: U.S. Embassy Dublin 42 Elgin Road, Ballsbridge Dublin 4


Annual General Meeting (AGM) - 13.00 to 18.00 - Sat 26th November 2016 - The Teachers Club Dublin

26/11/2016 - 13:00

The Irish Anti-War Movement will hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday 26th November 2016 in The Teachers Club Parnell Square Dublin starting at 13:00. For details of who can attend and submit resolutions at the AGM see below. A full agenda will be available soon.
Who can Attend and Vote at The AGM

  1. All members may attend the annual general meeting provided that the current membership fee has been paid in advance of the meeting. All affiliates may send one delegate to the annual general meeting provided that the current affiliation fee has been paid in advance of the meeting.
  2. All members and delegates have one vote each at annual general meeting.
  3. A decision of annual general meeting of the IAWM is binding on the steering committee (SC) and overrides any previous decisions. This constitution may only be amended by annual general meeting. However, amendments to this constitution may be made by the next quarterly delegate meeting held after the annual general meeting of 08 May 2004, which adopted this constitution.
  4. A steering committee shall be elected at each AGM.
  5. Draft resolutions and nominations for the steering committee should be submitted to the Secretary at least 14 days beforehand. The secretary shall publish draft resolutions at least 7 days beforehand.
  6. Please use the email Subject "AGM Motions 2016" for all mails concerning the AGM

Submitting Resolutions
Resolutions may be submitted in the following ways:

Public Rally - Syria: Stop the bombing

19/10/2016 - 17:30
19/10/2016 - 19:00

Irish Anti-War Movement Public Rally
* Stop the bombing
* All foreign troops out
* Let the refugees in
* Irish Government stop the silence

19 October 2016 | 5.30PM | Daíl Éireann

Organised by the Irish Anti-War Movement

(More details to follow)

Trump Protest Cancelled

It appears that Trump will not be coming and certainly not today.  The protests for Today (Thursday 23/06/2016) are cancelled.

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