Dublin Demo in Solidarity with the Egyptian People

08/02/2011 - 16:00
08/02/2011 - 18:00

Time: 4pm on Tuesday the 8th of February.
Egyptian Embassy, 12 Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland

There is a call for a Demo by the Palestinian Rights Institute(PRI), the Egyptian and Muslim community and other groups to meet at the Egyptian Embassy in Solidarity with the Egyptian People, all are welcome.

facebook event:

Our message to the people of Egypt:
"We will stand in solidarity with you, we support your struggle for freedom, democracy and human rights."

Bring your Flag and your banners but most of all bring your spirit.

Please help by inviting your friends to this event and most of all come and stand in solidarity.

Statement of the Coalition of the Youths of the Wrath Revolution - 060211

Statement of the “Coalition of the Youths of the Wrath Revolution

Fellow Egyptian citizens ... we are your sons, your daughters, your brothers and sisters who are protesting in Tahrir square and other squares

Of Egypt, we promise you we will not to go back to our homes until the demands of our great revolution are realized.

Millions have gone out to overthrow the regime, and so the matter goes beyond figures in particular to the whole administration of the Egyptian State, which was transformed from a servant of the people to a master of them.

We have heard the president's disappointing speech. Moreover, someone who has killed more than 300 youths, kidnapped and injured thousands more is not entitled to brag about past glories. Nor are his followers entitled to talk about the President's dignity, because the dignity, life and security of the Egyptian people is far more valuable than any single person's dignity no matter how high a position he holds.

Artists and Intellectuals Sign a Statement Demanding the Stepping Down of Mubarak - Sun, 6 February, 2011 20:17:46

Sun, 6 February, 2011 20:17:46

Artists and Intellectuals Sign a Statement Demanding the Stepping Down of Mubarak

Under the title “The solution to the Crisis begins with the Stepping Down of Mubarak ”, a group of intellectuals, artists and writers signed a statement demanding the stepping down of Mubarak right now as the only solution to the current crisis and turmoil. The statement came as a response to a call from the "Coalition of the Youth of The Egyptian Revolution "affirms that Mubarak is “ the cause of all the hardship that Egyptians endured through the past 30 years, the cause of the current paralysis of Egyptian economy, and the consequent suffering of many of the Egyptian people – especially those who depend on a daily wage. Also, it states that Mubarak “is inevitably responsible for the bloodshed that took place in the past few days through gangs of thugs, snipers, and security forces”.

Noam Chomsky: Egyptian uprising most remarkable I can remember

Egyptian uprising most remarkable I can remember
By Noam Chomsky
Democracy Now
2 February 2011

What’s happening is absolutely spectacular. The courage and determination and commitment of the demonstrators is remarkable.

And whatever happens, these are moments that won’t be forgotten and are sure to have long-term consequences, as the fact that they overwhelmed the police, took Tahrir Square, are staying there in the face of organized pro-Mubarak mobs, organized by the government to try to either drive them out or to set up a situation in which the army will claim to have to move in to restore order and then to maybe install some kind of military rule, whatever. It’s very hard to predict what’s going to happen.

But the events have been truly spectacular. And, of course, it’s all over the Middle East. In Yemen, in Jordan, just about everywhere, there are the major consequences.

The United States, so far, is essentially following the usual playbook. I mean, there have been many times when some favored dictator has lost control or is in danger of losing control.

Mubarak's Last Card - from THE CAIRO CONFERENCE - 020211

Mubarak's Last Card

Though Mubarak's regime takes its last breaths it still begs for life resorting to thugs and thieves who form his rescue teams to abort the ِpeaceful Egyptian revolution and wreak havoc and murder.. Perhaps what happened yesterday in Tahrir Square stands out as an ugly witness to the extent of weakness of the regime and helplessness.

Here we point out to the million and a half police forces who exhaust most of Egypt's resources since the regime fears opposition while it doesn't pay any attention to the neighboring Zionist State.

The whole world saw on live TV the criminals associated with Mubarak attack the peaceful honest protestors on horseback and riding camels, using weapons, throwing molotov, shooting live ammunition in the practical absence of the military forces that stand observing as if from a balcony, a scene that shows the extent degeneration that the regime has reached.

Then it is a war..the last battle of the regime before it leaves the arena to rightful rulers .. and leaves the power to the people the source of all authorities

“The True Face of Hosni Mubarak” is Now Being Televised Across the World: Democracy Now! Reports Live from Downtown Cairo

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