OBAMA'S COVERT WAR IN NUMBERS - 10 times more strikes than Bush

OBAMA'S COVERT WAR IN NUMBERS - 10 times more strikes than Bush


WikiLeaks Cables Shed Light On US Foreign Policy

WikiLeaks Cables Shed Light On US Foreign Policy

Documents show Washington backing of regime change is a major problem. The cables also show how Honduras, under the government of President Manuel Zelaya, became an enemy state for becoming too friendly with other left governments.

By Mark Weisbrot

Welcomed release of Shaker Aamer from Guantanamo


Reprieve welcomes release of Shaker Aamer from Guantanamo 

Commenting, Clive Stafford Smith, Shaker Aamer's lawyer, said:

"This is great news, albeit about 13 years too late. But they only just gave notice to congress, so that means that without robust intervention Shaker and his family have to wait until October 25th at the earliest for their reunion. The UK must demand of President Obama that he should be on a plane tomorrow, so that Shaker’s family do not have to endure more of the agony of waiting, uncertain every time a phone rings.

British politicians may bombasticate about our 'robust and effective systems to deal with suspected terrorists’ but Shaker is not and never has been a terrorist, and has been cleared by the Americans themselves for 8 years. I hope the authorities will understand that he has been tortured and abused for more than a decade, and what he wants most is to be left alone with his family to start rebuilding his life."

1. For further information, please contact Reprieve's press office: + 44 (0) 207 553 8161 or in the USA 00 (1) 917 855 8064 

The Coming War With Russia

The Coming War With Russia

By David Pugliese

September 02, 2015  - "Ottawa Citizen " -  A couple of months before he retired in July, the head of Canada’s air force provided a blunt assessment of what might emerge from the current military mission to Ukraine.

“We pray that our ongoing NATO mission isn’t accompanied by the escalation of deadly force and the shedding of blood,” Lt.-Gen. Yvan Blondin wrote in the magazine RCAF Today. “We have everything to lose and nothing to gain through a show-down with our former Eastern Bloc foes.”

It was an unusual and candid observation from a veteran Canadian officer about the increased tensions and worsening situation in Ukraine. But Blondin’s warning also reflects an increasing concern among some in the United States and Europe about the possibility that the standoff in eastern Europe between Russia and the West could somehow end in war.

Political and military analysts don’t believe that either side would deliberately start such a war. But with large numbers of military forces operating in such close proximity, anything could happen, they warn.

Bloodshed could be spurred by something as simple as miscommunication between military units, for instance.

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