The US should be in the dock, not Bradley Manning 04 June 2013 Owen Jones USA and the War on Terror

The US should be in the dock, not Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning has done us a service by encouraging us to scrutinise the hidden realities of US power, and consider the dire consequences of decisions shrouded in secrecy.

Galway Action on International day re: Guantanamo Hunger Strikers

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Monday 29th April
International action day re: Guantanamo Hunger Strikers
Appointment made with Senator Lorraine Higgins,Seanad Labour Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, at her office in Athenry at her Monday clinic 11am
Questions to be asked, demands to be made.

*If you can join in please contact JAMES 085 1460404

'The U.S. Administration is in breach of all International Human Rights Laws and in particular, the Convention against Torture.
We call on the Irish Government to publicly report the U.S.A. to the appropriate assembly of United Nations.
We want Ireland to demand that Shaker Aamer is immediately released and returned to his home and family in the UK.
The Irish government must stand-up and speak out on behalf of all the 166 who have been abducted and are still being held captive in Guantanamo U.S. base. If they have not been charged and tried in court they must be returned to their own homes or given passage to a safe country with their consent.
Human Rights abuses must cease forthwith.'

Woman Attacked by Man Accusing Muslims of Marathon Bombings

Woman Attacked by Man Accusing Muslims of Marathon Bombings

By Maria Sacchetti, Globe Staff

April 19, 2013  -"Boston Globe" -  Every day, Heba Abolaban of Malden checks on her family in war-strafed Syria, where water, bread and electricity are in short supply. She was far more worried about them than about herself on Wednesday morning when she put her baby daughter in a stroller and headed into the sunshine to a play group with a friend.

But as they strolled down Commercial Street, an angry-faced man charged toward the petite woman, his hand balled into a fist. He punched her hard in the shoulder and screamed curses inches from her face. Then he pointed at her and walked away shouting.

“He said, ‘(Expletive) you. (Expletive) you Muslims, You are terrorists, you are the ones who made the Boston explosion,’” said Abolaban, recalling the episode in a phone interview Thursday. “I was really, really completely shocked. I didn’t know what to do. Then I realized what happened. I was crying and crying.”

Abolaban, a 26-year-old physician who wears a traditional hijab, or head scarf, gripped the stroller carrying her nine-month old daughter and stood in shock. Soon, she and her friend, also pushing a baby stroller, burst into tears.


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REVISITING  9/11 –“Explosive Evidence–Experts Speak Out,” A NEW DOCUMENTARY TO BE SCREENED IN GALWAY

Next Monday, 22nd April, at 8pm in Richardson’s on Eyre Sq., the Galway Alliance Against War will show a new US documentary that revisits 9/11 and questions the official explanation for the collapse of the Twin Towers; “Explosive Evidence–Experts Speak Out,”   

Engineering Consent For Attack On N Korea? Pentagon: N. Korea has 'Capacity to Make' Nuclear Warhead for Ballistic Missile

Pentagon: North Korea has Capacity to Make Nuclear Warhead for Ballistic Missile

By Ernesto Londoño

April 12, 2013 "Information Clearing House" -"Washington Post" - North Korea probably has a nuclear warhead small enough to fit on a ballistic missile, according to a new assessment by the Pentagon’s intelligence arm that comes amid growing alarm over Pyongyang’s warmongering.

The conclusion by the Defense Intelligence Agency said the weapon would have “low reliability,” but the disclosure during a congressional hearing Thursday is likely to raise fresh concerns about North Korea’s capabilities and intentions.

NEW STATESMAN: Shaker Aamer. Gitmo hunger-striker


If you chase life, it has a habit of running away from you. When I complied with the picayune rules in Guantánamo, it never did any good; though I was cleared for release almost six years ago now, in 2007, I am still here. When I started a campaign of non-violent protest – all I wanted to do was sit outside in a cage for a week as a silent objection to the Obama Administration trampling on my rights – they FCE’d me almost every day for a year. (FCE is a Gitmo euphemism, when the goon squad comes in and performs a "Forcible Cell Extraction".) But in the end the authorities half-capitulated and gave me another of their euphemisms (additional "comfort items") to try to shut me up. So when I ran away from life, it came hurrying towards me.

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