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United Against Racism: Refugee Solidarity Rally

IAWM Press Release, 20 November 2015
 United Against Racism: Refugee Solidarity Rally
 Saturday 21 November, 1pm
 The Spire, O’Connell St., Dublin.
 The Irish Anti-War Movement (IAWM) is supporting the solidarity rally for refugees tomorrow at 1pm, Saturday 21 November at the Spire, O Connell Street Dublin. The rally, planned several weeks ago, is organised by Unite Against Racism and is supported by a multitude of organisations.
 The theme of the rally is ‘Winter is Coming: We have not Forgotten!’
 The IAWM noted that even prior to the events in Paris last weekend the attitude of EU Governments towards refugees had begun to harden. This looks likely to get worse with many right wing politicians and some media outlets drawing links between refugees and terrorism. This is ironic given that the refugees are fleeing the horrific experience of terrorism that Paris witnessed last weekend whether this be from shootings, suicide bombings, shellings or bombs from the air and whether these are carried out by Isis, Assad’s forces or the air forces of France, the U.S. or Russia.
 Jim Roche, PRO IAWM, noted:

After Paris: Stop the Terror, Stop the Wars - IAWM statement on Paris Massacre and response by French Government and media