Irish Anti War Movement statement on the slaughter in Eastern Ghouta

The Irish Anti-War Movement said today that the slaughter that is now taking place in Eastern Ghouta, as a result of the bombing of the civilian population by the Russian-backed Assad regime is utterly horrific and should stop immediately. While accurate casualty figures are difficult to ascertain it is clear that hundreds of lives, among them large numbers of children, have being lost.

The ‘explanation’ offered by the Assad regime that they are responding to the killing of six people in government-controlled areas of eastern Damascus earlier this week by shells fired from Eastern Ghouta is not acceptable. Even if it were true the response would be completely disproportionate. The Syrian military said it carried out "precision strikes" on areas from which the shells were launched. This claim is laughable and no more credible than such claims made by the US when bombing Iraq or Afghanistan.

“In reality the massacre in Eastern Ghouta, an area containing 400,000 people, is a continuation of the policy pursued by the tyrannical Assad regime for over six years - of killing any Syrians who do not accept its rule. This policy along with interventions by foreign militaries, has resulted in the death of approximately 500,000 citizens and the displacement of millions more” said John Molyneux, Secretary of the IAWM Steering Committee.

He continued:

Irish Anti War Movement statement on the Israeli ban on international organisations


Irish Anti War Movement statement on the Israeli ban on international organisations

The Irish Anti War Movement strongly condemns the apartheid Israeli state’s ban on members of 20 international organisations that campaign for the rights of the Palestinian people being allowed to enter Palestine/Israel.

This outrageous ban stands in complete contradiction to basic democratic rights and the principle of freedom of speech. It shows, yet again the fraudulent nature of the Zionist state’s claim to be a democracy when in fact it is an imperialist settler state founded on the dispossession, ethnic cleansing and oppression of the Palestinian people. It is testimony to the fact that the true nature of this state is increasingly being exposed for what it is on a global scale and to the Zionists’ fear of the power of eye witness reporting on its daily crimes and atrocities.

It is designed to counter the increasing international effectiveness of the BDS movement which has emerged as the main expression of international solidarity with the Palestinian people.

We note in particular the inclusion on the list of proscribed organisations of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign with whom the IAWM has a long history of cooperation and solidarity. Moreover we appreciate that this appalling ban is a personal blow to a number of its leading members, including and especially its chairperson Fatin Al-Tamimi, who is thereby prevented from visiting her family in Palestine.

However, we also recognise, as the IPSC has said, that its inclusion in this ban is a badge of honour and testifies to the tremendous work this Campaign has done in bringing awareness of the Palestinian issue to the Irish people and in building support here for the Palestinian struggle and for BDS.

Finally we call on the Irish Government to:

Event Notice - Protest at Russian Embassy Orwel Road Dublin - Sat 13/01/2018 2PM

The Irish Syria Soladarity Movement is organising a protest at the Russiona Embassy on Sat 13th Janurary 2018 at 2PM.


IAWM Statement on the Massacres and Oppression of the Rohingya people


IAWM Statement on the Massacres and Oppression of the Rohingya people

The IAWM unequivocally condemns the appalling treatment of the Rohingya people by the Myanmar regime.

Almost 400,000 Rohingya Muslims have been forced to flee their homes in western Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

Hundreds have died making the perilous journey into neighbouring Bangladesh in recent weeks.

They are fleeing from the Myanmar military regime’s latest crackdown. Entire villages have been burned to the ground and widespread killings and rapes have been reported.

The senior United Nations (UN) human rights official, Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, has described the treatment of the Rohingya as a “textbook example” of ethnic cleansing.
Around a quarter of the Rohingya population has now been forced out of Myanmar by fear and terror.

As Muslims the Rohingya do not have citizenship rights under racist laws in Myanmar, a Buddhist majority country.

The military dictatorship that has ruled Myanmar since 1962 has persecuted the Rohingya, but sadly it is not just the country’s military rulers that are to blame.
Mynamar’s Prime Minister Aung San Suu Kyi has denied the latest atrocities have even taken place, blaming “terrorists” for spreading an “iceberg of misinformation”.

When the latest military crackdown began, Aung San Suu Kyi claimed the Rohingya were “Bengalis” and that they had set fire to their own homes. Aung San Suu Kyi is not just complicit in what’s going on, but explicit about supporting it.

The Irish Anti-War Movement also condemns the British and other Western governments for their support for the Burmese military and calls on the Irish government to make a clear statement of condemnation of what is being done to the Rohingya people and to express opposition to any collaboration with the Regime.



IAWM condemns the use of the Irish Naval Service patrol vessel, the LE Samuel Beckett, to sell arms at the London Arms Fair.


The IAWM condemns the use of the Irish Naval Service patrol vessel, the LE Samuel Beckett, to sell arms at the London Arms Fair.

The Irish Naval Service patrol vessel LE Samuel Beckett left its home port of Haulbowline Co Cork on Friday evening and headed for London to participate in the infamous DSAI Arms Fair. Its expected time of arrival in London Port is 11.45 am on Sunday 10 September.

This ship was purchased in 2014 at a cost of about €71 million and two other almost identical ships have been purchased in the meantime bringing the cost of the three vessels to about €213 million Euro. €213 million would build a lot of social housing for the homeless, even if we do need some naval patrol vessels.

In March this year another naval vessel, the LE Aisling, was sold for €110,000 and is reportedly being converted into a luxury yacht. If it is suitable as a luxury yacht then one has to ask why was it not upgraded to continue in service with the Irish Naval Service, rather than replaced at a cost of €71M?

The LE Samuel Beckett will not be available to protect our fisheries or provide emergency marine rescue services while in London, where its apparent duties will be to help sell lucrative military equipment for the global arms industry. This is outrageous given that the Irish Government has declared Ireland to be a neutral state. It also represents serious misuse of Irish taxpayers funds at a time when over 8,000 people are homeless.


Irish Anti-war Movement Statement, 09 September 2017


The Irish Anti-War Movement is deeply concerned about the extremely dangerous current impasse between the US administration and North Korea, and the increasing tensions on the Korean peninsula. These tensions are exacerbated by equally aggressive and irresponsible verbal threats of nuclear destruction coming from Trump and Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un is continuing missile launches and nuclear tests despite universal opposition. No one wants a nuclearised Korean peninsula, but there is no agreement on how to stop what could end up in the worst case scenario as a nuclear first strike, deliberate or accidental, by the US or North Korea, which could kill and maim millions of people and create a massive refugee crisis.

North Korea says it is open to dialogue with the U.S. if Washington ends its “hostile” policies, including military exercises with South Korea and sanctions. The U.S. sees these demands as nonstarters as long as the North continues to conduct nuclear and missile tests. Dialogue is being blocked by preconditions on each side.

The US is pushing for even more harsh trade sanctions on N Korea ‘and those who trade with North Korea,’ which would include China. Besides preconditions, another thing preventing talks is the imperialistic arrogance of Trump and Nikki Haley; the latter stated that the US was 'insulted' by the idea of treating the North Koreans as equals. The Trump administration is also clearly stuck on the idea that superior military force can coerce victory, even though since Vietnam that has been proven to be false in country after country and war after war.

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