New ICC prosecutor under pressure to reverse decision on US in Afghanistan: Peter Cluskey, IT, 041021

How mass killings by US forces after 9/11 boosted support for the Taliban: Emma Graham-Harrison in Kandahar, Guardian 100921

Target In Kabul Drone Strike Was Aid Worker, No Ties To ISIS Or Secondary Explosion, NYT Reports By Ryan Saavedra, 100921

Tony Blair should go to Afghanistan: Andrew Mitrovica, Al Jazeera columnist, 290821

So, in the spirit of constructiveness, let me make this earnest proposal to Blair: Go to Afghanistan to show, by your estimable example and presence, that, unlike the quislings who have retreated in humiliation, you stand steadfast, “shoulder to shoulder” not with the dauphin Bush this time, but with besieged Afghans.

Put down your pen, Mr Blair, and pack a bag – and a bible if need be for comfort and reassurance of the righteousness of this honourable endeavour.

Surely you can leverage your lucrative, rarified contacts in Riyadh, Cairo or Tel Aviv to arrange for safe passage to turbulent Kabul. They could enlist a band of “special” forces to accompany you on your perilous pilgrimage; a tangible testament that, unlike the unnamed quislings, Tony Blair is a man of his word who will not abandon Afghans and Afghanistan.

UN: Without funding, food stocks in Afghanistan 'will run out at end of the month: K. GANNON AND R. FAIEZ, AP, 020921

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