GALWAY Women Against War - 8pm 2nd March - Forster Court Hotel

02/03/2010 - 20:00

Tuesday March 2nd 2010 8.00pm Forster Court Hotel, Forster St. Galway.

The fight by Irish anti-war activists against the arms trade and Ireland's involvement in the war machine.

"Not in Our Name"

Documentary Screening address by Goretti Horgan of Women Against Raytheon.

In 2006 Derry anti-war activists occupied the Raytheon Arms Manufacturing company in Derry city as a protest against its supplying parts to the Israeli Defence Forces. At the time the Israelis were involved in a full-scale bombing of Lebanon which flattened the country and killed over one and half thousand people.

The protestors, known as the "Raytheon 9", were brought to trial by the company.

Against all the odds, the court actually admitted that the Raytheon company was aiding and abetting war crimes. The protesters were acquitted and in January this year the company decided to pull out of Derry, showing just how effective targeted protests can be.

[EVENT] World War II: Was Ireland Wrong to Stay Neutral?

22/11/2009 - 14:30

Speaker: Liam Cummins

Venue: Ashling Hotel, Dublin (beside Heuston Station)

Date: 14:30 22nd November 2009


Ireland will become the new U.S border

{Note from the author: My original heading to this article was apparently deemed to be sexist and was replaced by the above, which is not my creation.}

"Ireland will become the new U.S. border when Universal Aviation opens its unique pre-clearance facility for U.S. immigration, customs and agriculture at Shannon Airport. The Shannon site will be the only one in Europe with full U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) approval and it will be available for private flyers in September." - So crows the popular publication, Aviation Week. One reads it in the context of our neutrality, and one weeps, remembering how this operation is in bed with the now-permanent US military presence at Shannon.

The Stevens Report

Britian's most senior policeman John Stevens has reported (after 15 years and three attempts) into collusion between the security forces and loyalist paramilitaries in Northern Ireland. The report concludes that that British army intelligence and police officers in Northern Ireland actively and deliberately colluded with loyalist paramilitaries to murder Catholics in the late 1980s. The report also says its inquiries were obstructed by police and army officers, and vital evidence was concealed and destroyed.

This report, severe as it is, is widely seen as a coverup in Northern Ireland and victims' families have demanded a full judical inquiry into the affair.

To paraphrase this in today's terms the British Government used terrorist murder gangs to murder opponents of the regime. Does this not make Britian a terrorist rogue state?

Commentary on The Draft Assurances re Lisbon Concerning Security and Defence


Commentary on The Draft Assurances re Lisbon Concerning Security and Defence

Lisbon Treaty : Support from Germany, from Attac in Aachen

To:  Campaign Against the European Union’s Constitution 
Re: Support from Germany, from Attac in Aachen
Dear Irish Co-Europeans of CAEUC,
As you presumably know, the network of ATTAC is fighting against any unrestricted profiteering at the expense of peoples and world peace. Therefore, we are also against the neo-liberal EU “Constitution“ to be implemented with the Treaty of Lisbon. We thank you and the Irish people that you so far prevented with your NO the Constitution to come into force. You may be assured of our full support to achieve another NO when the voting will be repeated! Unfortunately, German people were not allowed to vote in a referendum. We of Attac Aachen are sure that the majority would also have voted NO.
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