Response to Are people against America?

A couple of observations on the general theme of American (state) control and violence. It always struck me as strange how American people are often the most rational, educated and compassionate people, yet they have this incredible tolerance for state sponsored violence. Trying to figure this out, it's important that we shy away from extending the analysis to unreasonable levels, such as those we often tacitly support when we hear people talking about 'the evil empire'. I feel that there are two factors contributing strongly to the often unacceptable actions of US administarations. The first of these has to do with the notion of empire. The US is, for better or for worse, the most powerful empire in the world and like the empires of bygone eras, it will do anything to maintain the status quo. There is nothing inherently evil about the US; it's actions are simply a consequence of it's powerful status, which it built up by a mixture of luck, hard work, positive thinking and an almost religious devotion to capitalism. Which brings me to the second factor, capitalism itself. As long as we accept that this mode of existence is the only acceptable way to manage society, the advancement of 'real civilisation' will not continue and we will basically sit at the level of development we are at. In other words, capitalism, carried to the extremes we see in the US, allows people to cross that fine line between acceptable and unacceptable, for the purpose of making money. Global economics and the desire for profit ultimately drives the terrible actions of violence practised by the US and it's allies. People, in the US and elsewhere, are uncomfortable with the actions of the US and it's allies, but they will tolerate American led wars as they feel they are guarding their way of life. The apparent failure of the communist experiment has resulted in capitalism gaining exclusivity as the economic mode. Until alternative modes are sought and found, the US will remain largely unchallenged as the protector of our way of life and real advances in civilisation will be beaten back by the modern day emperor of plant earth, a position currently held by George Bush Jnr.

Created By: Colm Campbell