Response to What does Anti-War mean?

John, I agree with David, in relation to the UN bombing in Serbia/Kosovo. Don't you think that we are driven by media headlines and massive personalities? I don't believe for one minute that Milosevic is the reason for all of the terrible attrocities that have occured in the Balkans over the past 10-12 years, although if you read the papers, you would be forgiven for thinking that his removal would solve the whole problem. Also, if Saddam Hussein didn't exist, would Iraq have faced the tyranny we've all observed? I think so. Two reasons why regional and ethnic wars occur are that existing states of organisation have ceased to exist (e.g. the collapse of Tito's confederative Yugoslavia) or a former (or present day) imperial power succeesfully managed to conquer and divide people (e.g. Israel/Palestine). The west attack people for it's own interests, a fact that even the US administration wouldn't deny. They manipulate the media into making us think that a huge loss of human life is an acceptable consequence of catching the big bad monster! We should realise that this is a ridiculous price to pay and that the organisations that oppress people in these countries are far more sophisticated and robust than they would let us think! Oh, let's go and assemble a coalition and cause widespread loss of life in Afghanistan! Why- catch Bin Laden! No- to reinstate the Northern Alliance (who have as bad a human rights record as the taliban) and then conditions might be more favourable to build oil pipelines, or to advance some other economic interest. As long as we keep letting them tabloidise (surely not a real word) world politics into simple monsters and bogey men, they will always find reasons to take whatever action is necessary to expand their economic situation.

Created By: Colm Campbell