Bring out the Bush Monster!

by Joe Carolan - Globalise Resistance Thu, Apr 25 2002, 3:07pm phone: 087 9032281 Volunteers for radical street theatre needed this Saturday 2pm We have nearly completed the Bush Monster and it should hit the streets of Dublin this Saturday for the Justice for Palestine/No War with Iraq demonstration called by the Anti War Movement. The Bush Monster will be flanked by two tanks and the soldiers of the McArmy, and its two arms, Invisible Hand (Market) and Iron Fist (Military) will be pulled along by the Sweatslaves of Fashion and the Camp X Ray POWs. We are now appealing for volunteers. There are ten shackles awaiting for the Camp X Ray POWs, with sensory deprivation gear, handcuffs and chaingang to boot. Alternatively, you too can grace the catwalks of O Connell Street in the rags of the Sweatslaves, just grab an old t shirt and paint McSlave or MicroSerf on it, dress in old rags an d get roped up. If you want to join the McArmy, dress in combats and bring your (plastic) machine guns. We have vacancies for two tank commanders, the United Corporations of America standard bearer, and have helmets and medals to give out. The Bush Monster should lend a lot of colour to the Anti War demo, and will be accompanied by the heavy beat of Happy City Samba School. Meet us down at 2pm at the Ambassador Cinema at the Top of O Connell Street prior to joining the Anti War rally. Give us a phone at 087 9032281 Saoirse agus solas Joe related link:

Created By: Globalise Resistance