Chants at sept 28th demo

I attended the recent Dublin march on 28th September. It was extremely well attended and will certainly have demonstrated the huge weight of opinion here in Ireland against any US/UK attack on Iraq, and also against the continued oppression of the Palestinian people. The speakers were very good and there was a fantastic spirit within the march. However I was neither happy nor comfortable with some of the chants such as “Victory to the Intifada.” I believed that I was marching in support of PEACE (after all the march was organised by the antiwar movement) and in support of the Palestian people. The chants of “victory to the intifada” as we were marching down Grafton Street seemed much more like war-chants than anti-war-chants. Such chants would discourage me from attending further marches. What does anyone else think? Ronan White.

Created By: Ronan White