Response to US involved in illegal Chemical Weapons Programme

Thanks for the info Orla. I think this says it all about the US administration and their double standards. Personally I'm a lot more scared of George Bush and his huge stockpile of weapons of mass destruction than I am of Saddam Hussein and his (alleged) ones. And we shouldn't forget that it is the US themselves who have used more WMD than anyone else - from nuclear in WW2 to agent orange in vietnam to uranium-based missiles in the Gulf. And what's even more scary is how inept and gungho the Americans are. There's always the chance they'll bomb us by mistake on the way over! I remember by grandpa telling me about bombing in WW2: "When the Germans flew over, the Brits ducked. When the Brits flew over, the Germans ducked. When the Yanks flew over, everybody ducked."

Created By: Rachel Hicks