Response to re:why dont u hippies get a real job

i'm not a hippy myself. i'm a PAYE worker who contributes to the financing of this country but i certainly don't want my taxes going towards providing facilities for the US war machine on irish soil. I don't want to see an invasion of Iraq for the following reasons:- 1) There are more pressing problems in the world to address such as Israels continuing ethnic cleaning and collective punishment policies in Palestine. Their repeated breaking of UN resolutions calling for an end to actions deemed illegal under the Geneva convention, such as their use of human shields and blocking ambulances getting to the injured. 2) Iraq has been under a medevil siege for the last 10 years which has not affected Sadams grip on the country. Instead we now have a nation of malnurished people and dead children who hardly need more bombs dropped on them to encourage them to turn against their leader. 3) After a war on iraq (based on the afghanistan, somali, nicaraguan, haitian, panamanian, serbian and vietnamese experiences) America will abandon a bombed-out, unstable and radioactive (enriched uranium weapons) country to rebuild itself, susceptible to radical islam and civil war. 4) The United States has withdrawn from the Kyoto treaty, the nuclear test ban treaty, the biological weapons treaty, it won't sign up to the UN convention on the rights of the child, a ban on landmines, and the International Criminal Court. Now we must ask Who is the country that is undermining the UN and world opinion? 5) UN weapons inspectors have not found 'weapons of mass destruction' or even a 'smoking gun' (i.e an active nuclear weapons programme). Yet the US administration led by a draft dodging drink driver George Bush insists on invading Iraq and installing it with an undemocratic regime who will torture its people, deny voting rights to women, and enslave the its people into third world working conditions to supply the US with cheap goods and oil. If you're looking for models such as this then look at Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, or Pakistan - all supported by the US, all undemocratic regimes with terrible human rights records. Is this war needed? - no. Unless you're looking to distract the public from domestic political issues and corporate corruption. Let the iraqi people decide their own fate without US bombs, UN sanctions, or Western supplied chemical weapons technology.

Created By: Guy Incognito