Response to What to do about Saddam?

OK Liam, if you don't want to deal with logic and reason, and prefer to speak emotively, then this is what you say to an Iraqi Kurd family: "Yeah, sure, we'll get rid of Saddam for you. There's just one tiny catch. We'll have to bomb you all to hell to do it. If you don't get ripped to shreds by our cluster bombs then you'll probably get gassed by a panicked and desperate Saddam who has nothing to lose. And if that doesn't wipe out your entire family and friends then don't worry 'cause you'll probably be one of the 10 million at risk from disease and starvation (according to latest UN report). So hey! You'll be dead but you'll be free! (And oh, sorry, by the way you won't actually be free 'cause we'll have set up our own puppet regime to replace Saddam's.)" This war has nothing to do with 'helping' the people

Created By: Rachel Hicks