The Best We Can Hope For.

In the real world this is the best we can hope for: That Saddam Hussein takes up Donald Rumsfeld's offer, made on January 19th, and vacates Iraq for a "safe havan" (i.e. the luxurious exile that is the destiny of all despots)hence avoiding a war. Then the U.S. and their cronies can install a new puppet leader and get stuck into the oil. The puppet leader will be funded and armed to the teeth to keep any uppity Iraqi citizens, Kurds, Shias etc. in line and the Turks will be pissed off that they missed their chance to put the boot in on the Kurds and claim some of the booty for themselves. This way thousands of people will not get blown to bits and the sanctions will have to be lifted. The media will applaud the Republican hardline hawks and anti-war protesters will be told that they were wrong all the time and that they are just anti-American eejits (Americans who are against the war are also anti-American, I read so in a British newspaper). Maybe this movement will then turn its attention to the crimes of Israel or Russia. This is the closest thing to a happy ending we can expect in the real world. Fingers crossed.

Created By: Garret Shanley