Response to An open letter: NEUTRALITY vs The RISKS of supporting the UKUSA war

Declan, It would have saved you a lot of effort had you just admitted you hate the thought of an american army using our airport. To try and dress it up as concern for the Irish people is just misleading. If you think we shouldn't let people come into this country because they may carry disease, well get out there and protest at people arriving from Africa with HIV and TB. In fact, why don't we ban foreigners from coming here altogether. As for this nonsense about the medication they carry, well I'm not sure what to say. Implying that the antibiotics carried onboard might get misplaced and end up contaminating our water supply are pretty imaginative. Experimental drugs are lying around lots of different labs in Ireland, so go and picket Pfizer's R+D plant in Ringaskiddy. As for viruses converting to their active form, and also having a latent, contagious phase before symptom emerge, and then going on to cause an epidemic. That's an amazing theory. You said you don't even know whether they're using inactivated or attenuated vaccines, or even whether they're simply using protein vaccines. To use the possibility of mutation+country wide spread as an argument is lame. Then to say we shouldn't help the Americans because it might make terrorists unhappy. What a pathetic way to live your life. Just admit you don't like them americans on our soil. Go on, do it, you know you want to.

Created By: Liam Murphy