Response to What to do about Saddam?

I think the question is not what to do about Saddam, but what to do about the UN. What we need is a fair and balanced UN, not one where the big rich western states have all the power, and make up the rules to suit them and serve their interests. A fair UN that would give a real voice to third world countries, not just orders. A security council whose five permanent members are five of the biggest arms producers in the world does not lend itself to global peace. What we need are politicians with principles, not solely guided by economics. If we are to effectively deal with brutal dictators and regimes we need to have real democracy ourselves- in the UN, in our own countries, in the IMF, the WTO and world bank and especially in the media. Real democracy is impossible when a handful of conglomerates control what we see and hear.

Created By: Martin Fahy